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Military test centre for frikkin' laser cannon opens in Hampshire


Re: They need to design...


Deloitte is a sitting duck: Key systems with RDP open, VPN and proxy 'login details leaked'

Paris Hilton

Deloitte & Touche

Touché, I'd rather say!

Paris, 'cause she has no clue either

This goldfish and its steerable robot tank will destroy humanity


But but...

A goldfish, pah!

We need sharks with frikkin lasers!

20 years of GSM digital mobile phones


Nokia Communicator, anyone?


WLAN was missing, but apart from that - marvellous kit.

'Special relationship': Oracle bags UK.gov contract renewal


April 1st already?

"Today’s deal will mean that the government acts as a single, intelligent client, ... "

Govt is an intelligent client? This made my day.

Entire London 2012 Olympics' cultural events database held on Excel


still here

IIRC Edlin is still present in W2K8, as does edit.com.

FTP celebrates ruby anniversary



... is still my everyday tool to diagnose network hassles.

Pity is - yeah, I'm a Windoze guy - it is no longer included in the plain vanilla install of W2K8. But edlin is... - I mean, come on, edit.com is fine but edlin? But that's a different story.



Still widely used

You wouldn't believe how many FTP-connections we have in place to various business partners. And the number is still growing. Many banks run FTP-based platforms to exchange data bulk-style. When securing the payload using PGP or such there is no easier way (yet) to do this.

I tend to think that the simplicity of setting it up is it's most advantage compared with other communication methods (like AS2, ConnectDirect, MQ - of course these provide more nifty neat features but one rarely really needs them in our scenarios).

Best of FTP is surely SFTP where only one channel is required; no hassle with NAT and stuff.

So, cheers then!

Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV


Merry Christmas

and thank you for many pleasant, interesting & entertaining hours.

<- I'll raise one of these for all at El Reg

Web wags stage IE 6 funeral


Internet Exploder?

Bah - the one and only is Netscape Navigator. Its now 2 years and 4 days without upgrades etc but still running fine.


Rigid sky-train to fly through magnetic rings on sticks


This is the title

OK, I like Henlein.

I also like (super-)fast trains.

Why all this magneto-leverage-hightech-scifi stuff? Just throw an eye on the various (heh, continental) high speed trains available - ICE, TGV, AVE). Such a beast should suffice, no?

The Swiss Metro Style Railway which one Commentard mentioned is waaaay to expensive; such a thing is, imho, not an option. Well, at least unless the US of A get the cash from Maddoff back :-)

(think about this one - how much money he and other bastards destroyed)

AFAIK, LA to Vegas is desert for the most part. A traditional high speed train would surely suffice. But then, it would not be an issue for Lewis (whose articles I like a lot, to be clear!).

Now, suffice to say with ZZ Top: Viva Las Vegas!

German inventor gushes over portable women's weebag


Register units, FFS!!

700ml !!??@*&#?

Lester, what are you thinking? Please use "The Reg online standards", which indicate that we are talking about 0.1667 MilliJubs (*).

Now that's a measurement which I understand.

(*) As per http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/page/reg-standards-converter.html


Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

Thumb Up

Commentards, listen up!

Some of you lot owe me a new keyboard and clothing! 1st comment made me spew coffee all over the desk...

@El Reg: perfect mixture of tech news and gossip on your site. Keep up the good work!


Steps to be taken:

- head over to cash 'n' carrion to get a new shirt

- ask Lewis about some frikkin' weaponry to fight fit of laughter

Swedish devil girls fingered on Street View


This actually *is* the title

Tears of laughter. Well done Lester & thank you. A perfect Friday now.

Google Street View hits UK streets

Black Helicopters

OMG they are here too!

Spotted the first in Zurich. Parked at the court of justice - maybe sitting inside in the dock...

Nokia E63 Qwerty keyboard smartphone



I still prefer the Communicator. GPS onboard, large screen, qwerty inside, memory expandable, wifi and all that. No push-mail but hey, who needs that really? (besides the bank monkeys who f***ed everything up)

Fantasy author hired to pen Doom 4 plot



"Kill monsters, find keys, open doors, kill big monster" *is* the story. But why use the God mode?

idkfa does it all... (How's that? I can still remember it :-))

Now off to try the flash version...


2009 - Thomas the Tank's journey to IT Hell

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Re: Bullshit

Yes Cormac, tell us about banks corporate Email being done using Gmail. Plus maybe, as a goodie, the whole document management systems.

You aren't serious, are you?

Sorry El Reg, this was just utter crap and just plain stupid.

Granted, if the UK does its ID-uber-database then yes, why not run it on google systems :-)

Happy New Year to all @ El Reg, btw!


Enormous HP box spotted from space


Brilliant - Superb - Magnificent

I miss the words - great work. Absolutely breath-taking. All the references here... I stay dumbstruck.

Jeez I love it: Thank you Lester - this *is* Christmas indeed!


It's Sadville: The Movie!


Where's the Reg wording?

You surely wanted to say "Lawnmover Man 2.0" - or even the "iMover", no?


HP and Tandberg trumpet lifesize video conferencing


Brilliant illustration II

None of these drones has a pen or a paper to actually do some *work*. I'll stick with phone conferences, thanks. I can walk around, have a fag and even enjoy a booze. Try that with HALO.

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Paris Hilton


I love it. Lester, I want your babies :-)

Paris, 'cause she's better suited for babies

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap


Made my day

Lester, you just made my day!

Keep the great work coming...


NetScape Navigator put out to pasture


4.7 Communicator Suite

Best one **ever**.

Mozilla with the classic 4.7 skin is what I use now.

The worst day was when Netscape went public and the shares skyrocketed through the roof - pity I had no cash then.

I still have a sealed box of Netscape Navigator 2.0 at home (probably a floppy in it, no CDs then). And a Gold Pack!

Those were the days...

LG quietly launches KT610 Symbian smartphone



I like my Nokia Communicator. This LG thingy looks like crap. The keyboard looks just simply awful.

Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims

Dead Vulture

Burn the Books! Burn the Books!

So, you are going to burn books again in Britain ?

I thought we talked about this already and decided that we shall not do so? What did we call it... Enlightenment ?

Heh - those were the days...

UK nuke-power plans leak early



Me thinks that overall, the Nuclear Power is far too expensive.

One should count all the

- subsidy while building the plants

- compensation for environmental damage done while earning the fuel (granted, it's abroad, but still)

- real insurance cost (Which company could afford "Chernobyl" right now? - None.)

- disposal of the waste (you can't just dig a whole and throw the stuff in; it **really**must not leak for a couple of years)

They just simply do not count the full costs.

Regarding the renewable energy:

Here (Switzerland) we do already have some households which run without external power sources for heating and hot water, partially for the electricity as well. It requires different technologies and does have it's cost. Granted, these houses are still only few and its not yet for the masses. But then again, we have left the experimental phase.

US judge debenched for jailing entire courtroom

Paris Hilton

So let's restrain from the US

God I'm glad not to life in the US of A!

They jail you en masse because some twit keeps the mob(il)e running in court.

Or they taser you to death for whatever reason.

Or sack you for whatever reason (remember the teacher being sacked for pr0n on the school's pc).

No Sir, no more holidays in the states for me, then. Land of the Free? - gone.

choosing PH 'cause she does not taser or jail. Just suck, that is.

Reg lexicographical Shock Army liberates mobe

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Keep going !

That's just simply great work, Lester! Keep going!

And yes, I would like to get some of what you are smoking too...

Did MoD chopper buzz sunbathing au pair?

Paris Hilton

Where's the pic?

At 250 grand, the paxpayer has a right to know what caused the flurry!

US Coastguard 'cutters' could offer network vuln


War on Stuff

"the various Wars On Stuff"

Heh, now thats funny! Much more concise than something like "War on Terror, Drugs, the Universe and Everything".


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