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Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment

Paul Taylor

Not the first time.

My company has Fired employees many times for comments made on Facebook or Bebo.

About 11 so far i think.

Its actually policy for our HR departments staff to regularly check the Personal websites of staff.

Honda shows off Insight hybrid

Paul Taylor

Only 67mpg ?

I used to have a 2000 Vauxhall Astra 1.7 TDi ECO4 special edition.

On a long run to scotland once i got an acurate calculated 71mpg.

Some indepentant tests on this car managed to get over 100mpg.

Not bad for a 90bhp Deisel !.

Supermicro does micro server for SOHOs

Paul Taylor
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Why ?.

Whats the point ?. With the prices of mainstream servers plumiting at the moment.

HP are offiering sill discounts at the moment.

Ive just got some HP Proliant ML370 G5 tower servers, fully kitted out with max redundancy for 1800 UK pounds each !. With Rack conversion kits at 200, it makes the tower server 500 cheaper rack mount version. HP are just trying to shift stock.

If i was supporting a small office, i know which i would rather use.

MS preps four critical updates for September

Paul Taylor

Try running your own WSUS server !.

3 Weeks ago i built up a Microsoft WSUS for an organisation with a few offices. Single domain, WAN connected.

I set up WSUS to pull in Patches, Security updates etc... only for the Software they use. Just a typical office, and pretty standard Servers.

After a full Sync, the WSUS server needed to pull in 82, yes 82GB worth of updates !!, covering some 3,128 updates.


Their small DSL link is still pegged out now downloading.....

Dabs.com courier goes titsup

Paul Taylor

Dabs are just fine

I use Dabs as my main supplier and i cannot fault them.

I have 13 offices and therefore have considerable spend with dabs, so i have my own acct manager etc.. I always pick 1-3 days delivery and its always there the next day without fail. And i cannot beat their prices elsewhere.

10 out of 10 from me.

Austrian official fuels Skype backdoor rumours

Paul Taylor

More secure than other methods.

Lets face it, Skype is more secure than using your mobile phone, or a LandLine.

For a Free product it offers excellent security and value.

Microsoft releases battling OS release candidates

Paul Taylor

Why upgrade ?

I work on a business Campus where there are 7 rather large companies.

Out of the seven companies 2 run Server 2003 based Active Directory, and the other 5 use Windows 2000 Server.

After speaking to the surrounding IT Managers, none of us plan to upgrade to Server 2008.

Why ?. The old Server operating systems do the job just fine on quite elderly hardware.

MS kept theatening to cease support for 2000, but they still release patches for it nearly every month.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

Paul Taylor

Not making the move !

As the IT Manager of a medium size company i am putting the brakes on moving to Vista as long as possible.

Most of our typical machines are P4 2.2ghz with 512mb running XP Pro and well under the requirements for Vista.

It would require spending HUGE amounts of money on new PC's and Laptops throught the organisation. And thats not going to happen.

We use all Compaq / HP, and have just found out that HP are stopping XP installs in 2 months time. So we will be buying as many XP OEM's as we can and my IT dept will pre-build all new equipment.

What MS and the IT suppiers are doing is very wrong. There is nothing wrong with XP as a business platform.