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Intel stinks

Chuck Chandler

A little quick

a-t needs to read the story again. The water is purified then used by birds as a toilet.

US lag sues over prison crash diet

Chuck Chandler
Paris Hilton

Don't drop the soap

They like their women skinny in Arkansas. That's what he is worried about.

EU watchdogs probe German and Swedish gambling blockades

Chuck Chandler

Didn't the US try to do this?

Isn't this the same thing the US got "raked over the coals" for?

Nvidia nForce 780i SLI chipset

Chuck Chandler

3 card non-SLI solutions

You recommend the 780i only if I want 3-way SLI but what about those of us looking for dual monitor support? Having 3 8800 GTs with 2 in SLI and the other not would be ideal. Are there non 780i boards available that offer this ability?

Teeny tiny ozone hole for 2007

Chuck Chandler

Can't conclude?

They can't conclude that it is smaller this year based on the measurements but they concluded it was bigger last year on the same measurements?

In science, if you look for something long enough, you'll find it.

Tasmanian tumours blamed on inbreeding

Chuck Chandler


According to the site linked, the thylacine went extinct 2000 years ago, which isn't as dire sounding as 20 species in 200 years.

NSA writes more potent malware than hacker

Chuck Chandler

@Dr V. Bontchev

Is it really unethical to create such software? I would think the unethical part would be releasing it in to the wild.

Not being in IT security I am not up on the latest and greatest but what I got from the article was the NSA was testing current AV methodologies. The results look to me like current AV works against the current crop of virii being produced but obviously it is possible to create things that current AV doesn't recognize.

NSA is tasked with protecting '.gov/.mil' and appear to be trying to stay a step ahead. Of course, the black hats don't have to go down the same road that NSA did with their uber-virii but if AV can be improved to block one fork in the road before hand then it would seem to me to be a good thing.


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