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Nissan unveils 'self-healing' iPhone case

Martin Edmondson

does this not feature as paint on the actual nissan juke?

iPad to become inflight fatcat fun-slab

Martin Edmondson


why have a youtube app for it then ?

Google Voice goes call-forward crazy in US

Martin Edmondson


I also run asterisk and have my voice mail sent to a gmail account (google apps actually but the same applies) I tried to label such emails as 'voicemail' however, you try creating that label and see what error you get - something to the effect of you cannot create a label of a reserved word, so I saw this coming roughly 12 months ago? interesting shiznat, I wonder what else is reserved...

Phone loss equals social catastrophe, claims carrier

Martin Edmondson

Yea, about drinking

went to pub with a full phone...

... (x) pints later...

walk out of pub with the front case half of case, the back half of the case, the keypad (which was rubber and separate), the sim card and the battery... but the actual phone.. f--k knows... Well, I never did like nokias

Synergy gone mad - travel agents to enrol for £100 ID card?

Martin Edmondson


You cant have a revolution.. or they'll call you a terrorist.

Can't everyone see we have no liberty or rights anymore?

Fuck the government, and its evil implementers concerned only with evil and killing everybody on the planet.

UK start-up tackles PIN fraud with patterns

Martin Edmondson

Pin Pals

Having just discovered the finite number of possible four digit pin codes, I think it would be rather cool if I met my pin pal, and we exchanged details.. or rather I just get his details.

So, please post your pin number here, and I will contact you if we're pin pals :-)

O2 goes flat on data

Martin Edmondson

no they don't

from an email from o2:

"We'll be introducing unlimited Data Bolt On with our new business tariffs 01 October 2007. This service is available only to our business customers and not to our Pay Monthly customers."

thought the iphone was aimed at the non-business user?