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NHS computers hit by voracious, data-stealing worm

Michael Orton

Keep yer details from the commissars!

Makes damn good propaganda for those of us campaigning AGAINST inclusion on the summary care records(SCR).Just "Say NO folks"

Ex-BT tech chief quits Phorm

Michael Orton
Big Brother

nom de plume???

He had to go---his name sounds like some terrible un-stopable fatal disease--- oh sorry, of course, PHORM was shorthand/code for that.

Branson: saviour of Northern Rock

Michael Orton
Jobs Halo

run a bank...I wouldn't trust him to run a bath!

After my experience as a customer of virginmedia,if branson ever casts his eye towards any bank I have business with,my money will be withdrawn so fast it will leave scorch marks on the counter.

Hospital's brand new '£1m' server room goes up in smoke

Michael Orton


Just an innocent enquiry re "NHS IT"--- does anyone else think they may have put the "H" in the wrong place?


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