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QinetiQ lends PARIS a helping hand

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Hold on... I work in Farnborough

As the title says, I work in Farnborough (for BAE Systems). Any chance of coming along and meeting you chaps?

Intel details fresh desktop, mobile 'Cores'

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Hold back on the laptop then?

I was going to buy a new laptop this week, although after being unable to pick between a Sony SR and uMBP13 I decided to wait until January to see if the Macbook got a refresh. Now I'm extra glad I'm waiting - it sounds like almost all brands will be seeing great refreshes.

Should you lose your religion on your CV?

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Perhaps a Q&A

An an arts graduate (graduated in 2007, first class honours, couldn't get a job, did an MSc Management conversation course) who bitterly, bitterly regrets not studying economics, which I was entirely suited for and went far more sensibly with my background, I'd appreciate the opportunity to ask Dominic Connor some advice.

How about the Reg takes into account the probably high number of people in similar boats (and I must admit, I've ended up in a reasonably high paying job 18 months out of uni) and has a Q&A session with him? I think you owe your loyal readers that, since articles like this are a little like stabbing us arts graduates (and I'm not the only one reading El Reg) in the eye.

US monster-truck roboguns to blast enemies autonomously

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That's lucky

They're really lucky it spells out a real word huh?

To horse! It's Comment of the Week

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I want to make a geeky star wars joke, simultaneously obviously but geeky enough that anyone who hasn't seen the films/watched the books won't get it

(Coruscant, geddit?)


Reg Dev wants you!

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@ Karl and @Dazzer

Karl: Actually I'd be the opposite, I have the experience as a journalist and editor, but wouldn't even in my dreams be considered an 'expert' at anything

Dazzer: Whoops! If it makes a difference, I'm partially sighted and tend to miss mistakes nowadays: it's why I switched from editing back to writing, so that someone else can spot when I make silly mistakes

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Rather have a job

I think I'll be patient until Reg Hardware starts looking for a new staff writers... (hint hint vulture central!)

Dell's laptop customisation options not very customisable

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@ Reg Moderators

Do you normally just accept advertising comments from people like "Joe"?

Info chief prescribes shock therapy for health dept

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Paris Hilton

Doctor who?

So this is all about just one doctor? Or did you mean to write doctors' each time you wrote doctor's?

Cambs cops podcast 999 timewasters

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Paris Hilton

Good service over in NI

@Anton and @Dave

As an ex-Cambridge resident myself, I must admit that I never had a 999 call (2 or 3 in the space of 11 years) where I felt like they gave a crap about what they're reporting.

Now that I live in Belfast I tend to ring 999 at a minimum of once a month to either report witnessing people trying to break into cars/houses, or getting into fights on the street - the police are always very quick to arrive. In one case, I rang 999 because my roof was flooding and the people upstairs refused to listen to me or open the door so I could check the leak - I had to ring 999 to get the fire brigade out who broke down the upstairs door (serves the tenants right for refusing to open the door even when 4 firemen knocked on it): apparantly this was not a fire brigade matter either, but they were more than happy to help even at the immense cost for the fire brigade.

Looking back at that all I think I may donate to some fire brigade related charity after christmas!

(and Paris' picture just because)

Canadian loses $20K in phony eBay sale

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My recommendation...

Personally the only time I spend more than a little - I bought my photography equipment on it, and my xbox 360 - I buy only from people who a) have usernames that show they only sell the one type of things (the xbox was from [xxxxx]-consoles) and b) shops with power seller ratings.

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

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My two cents

Paris Hilton receives honorary doctorate for services to mankind

Slingbox Solo TV-over-the-net device

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Here's a question

A question for everyone reading this: What can one buy to do the opposite of the slingbox. I have a wireless box that broadcasts my TV signal from Sky into my computer monitor/tv monitor in my office, but I want something that will broadcast a film I play on my desktop in my office onto the tv in the living room. And it has to be wireless, just to be difficult (although I could use powerline, I suppose)

Dell trips up over laptop components

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Register slow on the uptake?

I emailed the Reg with news about this myself 6 weeks ago (which was when my Vostro 1400 was pushed back 6 weeks, leading to a full 8 week wait) - it arrived earlier this week a full 7 weeks after ordering.

Surprised El Reg has taken this long to report it. I must admit though, the wait was worth it, the build quality and price of the Vostros are incredible.