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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son

Allison Barbieri

Oh dear...

I have seemed to open the floor for much debate in my last post entitled "Just a Book".

I asked if Christianity has ever affected someone "negatively" and I got the very surprising response of "yes" .

To Cameron, I am truly sorry that you have had such negative experiences in your life. Though, the fact that you were beaten for not being a "good Christian boy" may not reflect actual Christianity. The person responsible for this cruel behavior seems to have been putting forth a lot of judgement and little love...neither act being "Christian". Perhaps if you were exposed to those who were truly walking with God, you would understand why it is so hard for me to believe that anyone could be affected negatively by Christianity...real Christianity. I also understand how difficult it is for someone who has not experience Christ to understand how someone would defend the Bible and a seemingly oppressive faith. Chrisitianity and the Bible, in it's true nature, are not oppressive...the Church, on the other hand, has been very much so. I truly understand how the two can be confused. In answer to your question about God allowing such horrible things to happen, the answer is that he did know they would happen. See, God gave humans free will...that is what makes us unique. We choose to come to Him or not to come to Him...He wants it that way. If we lived in a world where faith in God was easy, accepted or made life perfect..wouldn't everyone just have faith for that reason; not because they love God or want to follow his ways? It is having faith despite the horrible things that makes our relationship with God that much stronger and closer. All I know is that God has worked positively in my life and I know I am blessed...I also know that bad things will continue to happen in the world but I cannot allow those things to shake my faith in God..it is just that, FAITH. However, Cameron, I do wish you wouldn't use your mother as an example in saying that she is an educated Christian but also schizophrenic which is why it makes sense...I am very mentally sound, work with at-risk children, attend Bible study, read all sorts of literature, DO NOT speak to Bugs Bunny, watch the news and yet I can still speak to God and not find it strange. Perhaps you should learn more about Christians and the way they actually live...have you ever met a missionary...a youth group leader....a sunday school teacher? Ask them about there testimony, see what makes them a Christian.

As for the following post

"Every time someone dies in a Walmart stampede trying to get a Tickle Me Emo in the great Christian money spree, it affects me. Every time some huge group assaults another huge group because said group doesn't believe in the same invisable friends, it affects me. Every time a televangelist commits tax fraud or bankrupts some brainwashed viewer it affects me."

I do not understand...waht is the great Christian money spree? Isn't Tickle me Elmo from Sesame Street and isn't that capitalism not Chritianity...and aren't those people just crazy with materialistic greed to stampede to buy their child a toy...that whole situation has nothing to do with Christianity. And what invisible friends? Do you have a picture that I imagine Jesus sitting on the chair next to me like a 5 year old girl with a pink rabbit for a friend? I won't even justify that comment with any other response. Oh, and the televangelist fraud is obviously not a real Christian but a scam artist looking for money....just asked the brainwashed viewer. Who turns to a televangelist for their Christian education anyway? In resonse to your comment about me being weird because I say that animals don't have faith...you are just ignorant. I have two cats and a dog and I love them dearly. However, while they do have faith in me as their caretaker and companion, there is little difference between that and the love a child has for their parent. The child loves the parent for taking care of them but does not worship them was a Divine Being. My pets do not have faith in a "God" and no animal that I know of has that type of faith. If you can name one that does, perhaps you are a bit weird.

Finally, someone has stated that the Bible is not relevant in today's society. That is funny because I read it quite often and consider it to be HIGHLY relevant. Perhaps you should read it before you make that comment.

All in all, this has all turned into an argument over faith that we should not be having. The truly faithful will not denounce their faith because of a widely discredited finding or because of the "reasonings" on non-believers. The most I can hope for is that the Christians who have been posting have shown themselves to be intelligent, understanding, compassionate and faithful people. Not zealots (though zeal isn't neccesarily a bad thing) but normal people with a strong faith. No one claims to be better than another for being a Christain...Christ is for everyone, not just a few. It is with hope that I put forth the words I have been writing (not meaning to offend anyone but to understand how someone can hate something they don't truly understand) that someone will hear them and take the time to learn more about Jesus and, just maybe, accept Him into their life.

Allison Barbieri

Just a book?

I am responding to a post by "Cameron" as well as many of the other posts I have read. First of all, assuming that someone being a Christian is synonomous with them being uneducated is ridiculous...in fact, the Christian posts on here to seem to be the ones that are well-composed and grammatically sound. In fact, most Christians I know are highly educated in various subject areas.

Secondly, someone asked about the dinosaurs and, if that person is still interested, there are many literary works devoted to explaining the role of dinosaurs in Biblical history and no one denies their exsistence. There is even mention of Dinosaurs in Biblical times, they were just not called "Dinosaurs" (a term coined in the 19th century, which means 'terrible lizard').

Finally, in response to the post by "Cameron", why are you so anxious to see science discredit a religion in which you have no faith? Has Christianity ever negatively affected your life that you would hope to see it destroyed? Are you so self-righteous to yearn for the destruction of a faith to prove your opinion to be true (and, considering that it is a faith, it's not something to be disproven...how can you prove or disprove the existence of a Divine Being???) To say the Bible is just a book from 2000 years ago is ridiculous. Has any other book been more widely read or reproduced? And how many books actually survive 2000 years? In fact, the historical accuracy of it has been proven in many aspects. I suggest you read David Coram's post on here to learn a bit more about this "book". Oh, and it's interesting that you think that Christians can believe "whatever they want", when Christians believe what GOD has said (ATHIESTS believe whatever they want). And don't even get me started on calling faith "animalistic"...on what do you base this assertion? I regard myself as highly civilized and, more so, I've never met an animal with faith in anything. And lastly, the Bible never claims the earth is flat or round or that dinosaurs existed or didn't exist or that we should or should eat meat on Fridays nor does is state that the earth is the center of anything or how old the earth is or how long anything else has been in existence...it states that God created everything(ps, can you explain the "missing link" in evolution...can it be that, just maybe, that we DIDN'T come from monkeys?) You can't claim to know what's said in the Bible if you've never read it.

Also, let me say right now that those who continue to compare the "Church" to "Christianity and the teachings of Jesus" have it all wrong! The Church has oppressed people, Jesus has NOT! And only the CATHOLIC church as imposed man-made rules; the Bible is entirely from God and there is nothing oppressive about it. Stop confusing what you learn in history books and Dan Brown novels with the truth as to what ACTUAL Christianity is (the Catholic church is NOT a good example, for the most part). Oh, and to the person who posted "POV", it is in Secular history books that Jesus existed...his crucifiction is recorded...he's not a myth.

Allison Barbieri

Never been Oppressed....

What I find to be interesting is that those who posted in an attempt to discredit or damn the Bible are those who are speaking in the most anger and contempt. It's the Christian's that seem to be the most calm, rational and educated. It's also interesting that "Liam" speaks of "organized" religion as being oppressive. "Organized Religion" is a very different thing from actual Christianity. It is very clear that God hates "religion". What an oppressive, corrupt Catholic Church of the middle ages or an equally oppressive Anglican Church of the same time did to smudge God's true Word for centuries is not in line with the true teachings of Jesus. Anyone who compares the two ideas is just uneducated in both Christian and Secular history.

In response to the many athiests spewing their hate and asserting that those who believe in the Bible are uneducated, let it be said that I am a highly educated Christian working on my Master's Degree (and not in theology). In fact, I did not turn to Jesus until after obtaining my Bachelor's of SCIENCE degree. And the funny thing is, I could easily "reason" as to why the Bible may be difficult to believe at times. But, the thing is, I have FAITH. I have no rhyme or reason for believing in the Bible other than my honest love for God and how he has worked in my life. And never, Sir Liam, have I felt oppressed by my faith is Jesus Christ. In fact, I've been freed by it...freed to live a more positive, blessed and satisfying life. Doing drugs, getting drunk and speaking lewdly did nothing but make me feel dirty and confused. Interestingly, it is those WITHOUT faith that seem most oppressed to me. Christianity, in its true form, is not oppressive. It is true that, many time, Christians have been oppressed by others outside the Faith, but never has the Faith oppressed us.

James Cameron can not shake my Faith nor can widely discredited findings from 27 years ago. My Faith has saved my marriage, helped me make better decisions and brightened my life every day. Show me an athiest who can claim that ANYTHING in their life has done that.

Finally, let me say that I think it's best, in the interest of "loving our neighbors as ourselves", that the Christians who feel compelled to respond in anger to those who are bashing Christianity take a moment to pray for those who are so unexplicably angry about the Bible (if you don't believe in it, why care if anyone else does?) and hope that they seek the Truth in their own lives one day.


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