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GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK

Stephen Nicol

PS3 it

I have the 360 version of this and it IS fantastic. I've had minor issues but only once or twice where banisters don't appear or a car pops into view or the skyscrapers just appear in the distance.

None of this has detracted from the joy of the game. I've seen the PS3 version running and it looks awesome and by all counts there's a lot less of the very minor things I've experienced.

Anyway, the worst thing about the 360 version is that fkn fan in the 360. It really is obtrusive and more so that for any other game I've noticed - if I didn't have friends who have the 360 version I would be swapping it for the PS3 one.

Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update

Stephen Nicol

Have a word


You 'fanboys' in either camp are a disgrace. Who cares when the updates were out for either console. Both consoles got the update which supports the same functionality - it doesn't matter a flying fk.

No-one in their right mind should want any of the consoles to fail - competition is healthy and both have their good and bad points.

Besides what are you going to snipe about next: "But the PS3 has Blu-Ray", "Yes but the game selection is P1sh", "Well the 360 doesn't have a built in HD drive"....blah, blah, blah.

Just enjoy what the fk you've got and stop bl00dy whinging about it. It's pathetic.

I have a 360 and it's got some corking games but I also want a PS3 because it's got Blu-Ray and will have, at some point, some equally good games to it's name.

Halo 3 UK launch fails to fire

Stephen Nicol

Hype does not a good game make

The Halo series has always been an average shooter title. It can never hope to live up to PC classics such as Quake or even Doom and has done nothing exciting to move the genre forward.

I for one have tried so hard to get into Halo & Halo 2 but find them to be a mere distraction when I have nothing else to do. A bit like watching the umpteenth rubbish Steven Seagal movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Bioshock and Gears of War were far more entertaining and provided something new to the shooter genre.

I hope Halo 3 will prove me wrong but like the first two in the series I fear I will find myself bored after a days play and fire up Forza or GOW to find something more stimulating.............but then again it's been raining constantly so I might find myself stuck with the Steven Seagal of games...........argghhhh.

Please Halo 3 prove me wrong.


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