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Mail on Sunday inadvertently bolsters annual smutfest

Ian Wilson

Richard Desmond?

Sorry, isn't this paper owned by Richard Desmond who also owns lots of porn empires? (including Red Hot TV). Readers of Private Eye will know they regularly bang on about such hypocrisy.

Who the hell reads this sh*t paper anyway?

Apple, AT&T slapped with iPhone 4 lawsuit

Ian Wilson


This is pretty funny - NSFW.


It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030

Ian Wilson

Cirucular Reasoning

Related to this post was an outrageous comment by someone on Radio 4's Today programme, about the fact that proportion of energy that was from renewable sources is decreasing.

She said "44% of that reduction was due to Hydroelectic power, and the reason for that was because there was less water in the rivers, and the reason for that was Global Warming". No actual evidence, no actual justification, just throw it out there and hope no-one notices.

I can't remember what she was from, but it was something like the UK Renewable Energy society. Basically a group with a vested interest in spreading fear and alarm in the hope of getting more cash.

Atheists smite online God poll

Ian Wilson


"Don't know, Don't care, what a bunch of wasters" would have been a better option than "Probably".

Why didn't they just fix the online poll? Religion has been hearing only what it wants to hear since some idiot first came up with the idea.

Anti-filesharing laws revive crypto fears for spooks

Ian Wilson


What people who have something to hide don't use encryption already? If this is only to capture illegal file sharers, then surely there is something better to spend government money on.

The statement "Encryption would render third party communications services such Facebook effectively invisible." is not exactly a worry is it? I wouldn't have thought it was possible to find the 1 piece of interesting/security related/terrorism related information out of all crap that spews out from Facebook every minute anyway.

Guardian recruits citizen journalists to cover Climate Camp

Ian Wilson


Am I the only one that things the Guardian gave up being impartial when it comes to climate change anyway?

Anyone who has read the unbelievable ranting and raving that comes out of George Monbiots' mouth would understand.

If the Guardian are doing this to cut costs, then it must mean their business is in trouble, which, if it means the end is nigh for this tat rag then so much the better.

UK climate change funding cut by 25%

Ian Wilson

Good Riddance to the lot of them

Seriously people, the Mystic Met office cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, so how the hell can they get it right so far into the future?

It doesn't matter how good your models are. Crap in = Crap out. Stop wasting money on attempting to predict the future.

Its the first sensible cut this government has made, and no doubt the last.

JustGiving.com website goes titsup after upgrade

Ian Wilson

As an experienced performance tester...

To see the CTO give a quote of

"Load testing didn't accurately reflect the way it's being used in the live environment"

hardly surprises me, but is also pretty disappointing.

Given that the website has been around for some time and that therefore the usage profile is very well known, then its a pretty poor effort from JustGiving and should not have happened. Poor planning, poor testing - given how much they make (given the post by AC at 5:14) there is simply no excuse.

Big Blue urged to open Notes and Domino

Ian Wilson

Sorry chaps, but I use notes now and it is a pile of turd

All those defending notes now, just stop. It is a piece of rubbish - in fact its easier to use the web based interface than the thick client interface. We use notes at my current company and I haven't come across a good word about it. Sure the document management system is good, but why force email, calender and IM on us because of one good feature....its rubbish, if the open source community can sort it out then good luck to them. The interface is about as slick as Win31 now looks.

Utter rubbish.

Abbey IT upgrade 'chaos' hits small biz banking

Ian Wilson
Thumb Down

Even more still down....

Trying to modify my accountants' standing order due to Gordon Browns marvellously pointless and expensive VAT change, and I can't do it via the website (after the tortuous, misleading and downright wrong changes), and I can't get through on the phone after 20mins at 20:45?

Idiots, idiots, idiots. I can see me switching accounts very soon.

Helpfully they've got some information on their front page that says "some customers" are experiencing problems and they are fixing it. Great, I feel so much better.

Vodafone pitches Comic Sans as the next Crazy Frog

Ian Wilson

Cool Ringtones?

Isn't that an oxymoron? How many times have you seen people with a "cool ringtone" rushing to get their phone when it starts ringing with last years winning X-factor song?

Good for a laugh though.

US politicians back Act to save internet radio

Ian Wilson

Pandora back in the Uk then?

Your article doesn't make it clear if this means Pandora will be allowed to broadcast back in the UK - any idea?

Broadband bumpkins overtake city surfers

Ian Wilson

Damn right speed is an issue

I get 0.5 Meg if I'm lucky because of my distance from the exchange - not exactly great for all these online services every business is trying to shove down my throat.

Murdoch sees MySpace miss targets

Ian Wilson

Re: "It's still difficult to quantify the economic value ...."

Thats easy. Zero. Period.

The web rip-offs nobody cares about

Ian Wilson

Solution has always seemed obvious to me....

...don't do it.

However, thats not a very useful thing to say. Personally I don't use eBay, and if I can't pay by my credit card for online purchases, I'll go elsewhere. Further, its always worth ensuring you can contact the company/seller by phone - at least you've got someone to shout at if it all goes wrong.....:)

Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe'

Ian Wilson

Just checked out his profile....

..and I get this - about sums him up and all other people that are under the impression that there MUST BE "something out there".....


You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.


Ian Wilson

Oh I don't care.....

Anyone who actually believes the obvious rubbish written about "special people" or those that are meant to be god, sort of deserves everything they get...or don't I guess in this case.

It was a good article though - does it set a record for the number of pages on an el ref article?

Don't shed any tears for Pandora

Ian Wilson

Kudos to Paul for responding....but its still rather disappointing....

I think Paul should be congratulated for being brave enough to respond to some of the comments placed....but you've missed the point of a station like Pandora Paul.

Even if they agreed a deal with you, that wouldn't exactly allow me to search for music across the industry as a whole would it?

I can understand your frustration, but I'm afraid you are going to struggle to get anyone to agree to your points who has listened and used Pandora.

Ian Wilson


The Pandora service is/was incredible in that it matched music genre and taste, not just peddling the latest rubbish from some dodgy independent label. I like styles of music not individual artists/songs and do not blindly follow someone if they change their style.

You've got it wrong Paul and it seems to me that you are the one crying crocodile tears.....not Pandora.

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! settle un-American activity claims

Ian Wilson

You've got to love it....

...the land of the free...but only if you pay loads of taxes...

I don't understand some of the twisted logic in America. I once asked an American why the food portions were so big in America, and the answer I got was "because we can".

That sums up all that is good and bad about the US. A can do attitude followed by a "f*ck you" response when questioned about their motives.

Punters call for laptops with built-in mobiles

Ian Wilson

I'm just on the train.....

So Dom Joly had it correct with his huge mobile on the train?

Brings a whole new meaning to "clamshell" phones....

Dell trips up over laptop components

Ian Wilson

Just in time for Christmas....2008.....

I was going to order some of those excitingly coloured laptops from Dell, but took one look at the estimated "6 week delivery" times and thought better of it.

Long initial delivery times seem to have a habit of getting longer and longer and longer. Amazon frequently pulls the same stunt, shifting back the delivery estimates for some items...

Whatever happened to keeping stock in a warehouse....ho hum...