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Steve Jobs spotted not hating Eric Schmidt

Duncan Wakeling
Black Helicopters

It and they?

The Chinese and the Internet without censorship?

Too boring an answer and not controvertial enough? Probably!

Microsoft volume licensing site serves up customer details

Duncan Wakeling

My license

if any of those found licenses are mine, perhaps he'd be so kind as to grant me access!

I've been trying for the last 2 weeks to get M$ to let me add my latest agreements - currently saying I have 3 pending requests but nothing showing for me to authorise.

Dell trips up over laptop components

Duncan Wakeling

6 weeks???

Only 6 weeks wait - I ordered a Precision 4300 on the 6th August and am still waiting. The last revision to the expected date is now 8th October but my rep has gone very quiet on the issue so I wont hold my breath!


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