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Hackers force innocent mobes to join crypto mining gangs

Marc Rogers
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Re: sensitive data might leak

Well this thing isn't going to leak anyone's data, the malware was literally 3 classes. You start the host app and it starts mining thats as far as its functionality goes.

However a lot of other malware - especially some of the Chinese stuff - includes stacks of functionality even stuff that isn't being used for the current operation whatever it may be. Fr example I've seen chinese Adware which as well as pushing offensive apps included code to set up a series of VPNs. why did they included that? Because it seemed like a good idea at the time I guess ;)

Marc Rogers

Re: But it **IS** worthwhile.

In truth the malware author that wrote this probably spent more on electricity while using his laptop to write the code than he's going to net from his evil plan in the next two years.

It's even more of a failure when you put it in the context of other far more lucrative malware schemes - such as some of the chargeware schemes common to the UK. They can net anywhere from 5 quid to 100 quid in a week. Still gotta admire the ingenuity I guess ;)

Oh heres a puzzle for you - we found the malware in spanish wares forums in various pirated apps, but all the detections are in France. Still haven't worked out why that is.

Now you can be the NSA: Snoop on a Google Glass hipster with a QR code

Marc Rogers


Yes. It's true. I turned the virus from Snowcrash into a real thing - A malicious image that only infects nerds.

Palm accused of spying on Pre owners

Marc Rogers

Violation of Privacy legislation

It would be interesting to see legal opinions for Palm's position.

One interpretation of the UK data protection act is that this would constitute a breach for a number of reasons.

i wonder if anyone has told the UK information commissioner


'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos

Marc Rogers

Hardly the worst banker

There's plenty of candidates over the pond who deserve that title far more than this fool.

After all he's just a fool who ran his ship aground, no doubt helped by a cast of thousands all of whom are whistling innocently in the background.

Crap CEO? Yes. Crap Banker? Yes. Slimy ex-mate of Gordy "chubby" Brown? Definately

Worlds Worst Banker? No, not by a long shot.

lets Consider Berny "a weekend at" Madoff who deliberately ripped off his investors channeling their money into a financial black hole intentionally created to feed his extreme lifestyle.

Or perhaps some of the choice plums that recently ran Lehmans Brothers?

Or why dont we consider Gordy "Chubby" Brown himself. Lets not forget he was the "banker" that ran the UK's finances aground while the champagne was freely flowing.

I think if we are going to start a petition to strip Freddy of his pension we should start a parallel petition to stop Gordy from eating any more pies.

After all its only fair.

Apple posts iPhone update, bricks unlocked handsets

Marc Rogers

Illegal attack or Interesting Response from Steve Jobs?

The real fact is that Apple has clearly engineered this update to disable "modified" iphones. There are reports of iphones which just have 3rd party software being turned into bricks aswell as those that have been hacked to allow other networks.

In order to maximise the number of hacked phones the patch has cast the net wide enough that legitimate AT&T "GoPhone" the AT&T prepay service are finding their phones disabled too.

Seems that Jobs is so panicked by the thought of loosing his 40% revenue share that hes willing to sacrifice legitimate users as "collateral damage".

Seems that MACS open, developer friendly face has been replaced by one that looks remarkably like Microsoft.

Atleast Microsft (and i never ever though the day would come where i would find my self supporting microsoft) hasnt deliberately taken out thousands of their paying customers in order to squeeze more money out of them by forcing them onto overpriced contracts with poor quality networks!

Imaging if microsoft wiped (not just disabled) your deskyop PC becuase you plugged it into the wrong ISP?

Realistically this is just another volley in what looks to be an interesting battle. We know what the outcome is going to be, just look at sony and the PSP saga firmware.

Meanwhile work is now underway to produce an open source iphone OS and a replacement of itunes in order to break away from apple.

Seems remarkably short sighted of Jobs.

I would have thought supprting a growing development community that could stand a chance of breaking the typical 6 month and ill buy a new one cycle most mobile phone users are encouraged to get into...