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Senate to call Boeing's 2009 raygun nuke-zap bluff?


@ Tech correction

First thought here was "What type o' Dong" are we talking about and isn't #2 always liquid fueled?

TAE (yes, really)

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests


Johnny Rotten - quite nice actually

I once crossed the Atlantic with BA and had Mr Rotten as a fellow passenger.

He was travelling with his Mum and apart from the strange gear and contrived foul language, he seemed quite a nice chap when out of the public eye.

Moller touts flying-saucer hovercar, again


Traffic jams in three dimensions

Didn't Moller state that GPS and centralised tracking and guidance would ensure that the aerial vehicles would never vie for airspace. The system would be based on a Windows Vista Package and never have any software glitches.

Off course there would be the occasional collision with uncontrolled flying pigs.

Restored Dam Busters fly again


@richard mason

Surely to call the dog Digger would be offensive to Australians.

Maybe Blackie or Brownie.

To all, don't forget you can still fly in a Lancaster at CWH Ontario


El Reg issues Satan word alert


Dub, dub, dud and www

When refering to the www I often think that triple double U ought to be sextubleU. Can I now apply for my patent:-) ????

DHS working on pocket puke-ray


Puke Box, no it didn't

At BR Advanced Projects in the 70's there was a pressure chamber in which volunteers were subjected to a variety of pressure pulses to simulate the effects of high speed trains passing bridges and through tunnels. It was a plexiglass two seat box with a diaphagm on top driven by an electro hydraulic actuator. To my knowledge noboby puked or crapped despite the low and medium frequencies of the pulses.

Urban legend tells of an MTS sales rep. who was injured by sitting in a chair driven at 8Hz which caused resonance of his innards.

Every border crossing kit will now contain Gravol.

Stealth bombers to get bunker-nobbling weapons


Nukes or Oil

Iran is considered a threat (to the US Federal Reserve) because they want to trade oil in Euros. The nuclear "problem" is just diversionary.

Ducati storage leaves the starting grid


Transfer push/pull

So are these desmodromic drives?

For sale: Herman Munster's MasterCard number


Have you phukked them already

Not one phishing email since reading your web page. Way to go AJ


Starting point

Maybe a short list of "good" numbers on your site to give us a starting point until the extension is available

Quick-charging electric cars could be round the corner


Main problem of battery vehicles potentially fixed

Currently, I find this argument revolting. Wire we waiting for a 'ohm charger.

I find the whole idea insulating. How could anyone be so naive as to be induced to believe this crap.

Seriously though the net energy needs to be calculated to determine if there really is a saving changing to these alternatives.

Headless zombie wanders San Francisco


Faggots and Peas

As an anglophone and expat living in Canada I can confirm the use of fag to denote one of homosexual inclination (bent?). I believe the word is a contraction of fagela. Fanny Fagela being an early departee from the closet.

Faggots is correctly ascribed to bundles of wood and lowly public schoolboys who perform menial tasks for prefects. They also are spiced meatballs in gravy often served with mushy peas as a UK Midlands delicacy.

So far as fag (as in homosexual) being superceded by the term pufta I believe the reverse is true as a poofta wallah was a queer in the great days of the British Raj.

Divine Essex pebble aids Venezuelan kiddies


Maybe, maybe not

So the spammers just have to include a heart tugging message with their auction listing.

Not to say the story isn't genuine, but anyone can make up a similar theme.

Fishermen Sea DOS Vietnam



Duncan and Colin, if it's possessive then maybe it should be McDonald's

The eyes's have it?

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'



Everyone seems to have forgotten the previous headline "Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days. Obviously after 3 days anoxia set in. Poor lass.

Swedes unfurl talking paper



Never mind the talking cigarette packages. Just wait for the talking toilet paper.

Porton Down bio-terror tech re-used in odour-proof pants


Just a little brickete

stategically (?) placed would achieve this effect too. Might cause extreme marking of the undies though.

Google Earth unearths crashed Darfur gunrunning plane


The rotor blades on the black helicopters

Clearly visible are the rotor blades, or their shadows. Thus the planes noted don't have any engine nacelles. Maybe they are parked gliders.

Scotty blasts off on final mission


Opportunity for PR

It would be a wonderfully PR exercise for China to provide a few grams of payload for notable ashes on their moon shot.

Chinese develop remote-controlled pigeons



"George Bush had this surgery done years ago. The only question that remains is who has the controls!"

Georgie Boy only thinks he can fly. Unfortunately the operation was a failure and they lost the controls in 1998

James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son


DNA matching

Since the books Blood and the Holy Grail and the DaVinci code both claim there are living relatives of Jesus surely a comparison of their DNA to the ossiaries would prove the relationship (or not). There is an outfit in the UK that traces paternal or maternal lines back to the earliest times in Europe.

Maybe I'm related to God too, I can't wait to find out.