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Xubuntu 24.04: A minimal install that does what it says on the tin


as close as you can get from the official flavors???

> It's not a completely snapless Ubuntu, but it's as close as you can get from the official flavors.

Is this accurate?? A number of flavors will install a system without snapd infrastructure if you select a minimal install option... That has been available for some time too, eg. https://debugpointnews.com/lubuntu-24-04-snap/ is from last year & that applies with the beta and released ISOs too, and Lubuntu isn't alone there as I understand it (though I've not tested the others); it was just the first.

Part of the QA for 24.04 (with a snap-free install) is to issue the `snap list` command, and expected output is an error that `snapd` isn't installed and thus no `snap` command is available (ie. no message that no snap packages are installed; the snap command is the expected error). I'd have considered that install option a more snapless option that what you write about.