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Fire at The Planet takes down thousands of websites

Jason Law


The emergency board is pants.

I need to see some badly shopped pictures of kittens damn soon - it's been more than 24-hours since I've seen a bandwagon, domo, teh quo or crudely drawn cocks.

My productivity is through the cranberry roof.


Spike Milligan goes mobile

Jason Law

"I was born at an early age"

"My parent had three kids, one of each".

"Money can't buy you friends, but you get a better class of enemy"

True. Bloody. Genius,

West Yorks rolls out cop cams, ignoring plod nod probs

Jason Law

Desk Cam

Of the 141,000* serving policemen, it would surely be much cheaper to fix cameras to the desks of the 131,000 office based coppers, only operating 9 - 5.30 in accordance with their "intelligence led**" activities.

Shouldn't imagine the 3-trillion hours of form-filling footage would be much use to anyone...

* Accurate - sadly.

** Not accurate - equally sadly.

World wants small, cheap PCs, say makers of small, cheap PCs

Jason Law

Viva XP!

I'd be very interested to know what percentage of the total PC market 47m of these machines represents (if the 2011 sales hit their target).

Using these figures, it would mean that by then, there would be in excess of 100m devices. Having just reprieved WinXP because it's the only viable MS option for this class of device, which they know they can't surrender to Linux, how on earth are MS going to justify killing XP in 2010 like they have said?

Four years after being made obsolete, annual XP sales could be 30+ million units... That's got to hurt.

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan

Jason Law

Shoe scanners

I have never bought anything in a BAA "sky-mall" and I never will. It annoys me immensely at Heathrow T1 when after the bloody stupid shoe scanner there are precisely 4 seats for people to sit down on while they put their shoes back on, which you have to do instead whilst hopping on one foot in a perfume shop.

Microsoft delays SQL Server 2008 release again

Jason Law
Paris Hilton

Bring back Enterprise Manager & Query Analyser!

Of all the MS products, I have loved SQL Server the most. It has been a loyal and faithful servant for many, many years.

Most sites still seem to stick with SQL2000 and for a very good reason - for the first time since Microsoft bought this product from Sybase, the last release, SQL2005, was noticeably poorer in many ways than it's predecessor. Overall performance was down, system requirements were up (what should be known as the Vista dividend) and the only significant benefit seemed to be the introduction of a new language technology that pretty much no SQL expert wanted to touch with a 20 Metre cattle-prod. The new Workbench is so shockingly piss-poor, I instantly hate any site that forces me to use it.

Get a grip MS. Don't kill the goose by stuffing it with .NET badness.

In the extra time you've now got - bring back Query Analyser.

Paris? 'cos she looks like she enjoys a good inner join.

Bono's tech fund linked to Sheffield United desire

Jason Law

One word...


DVLA's 5m driver details giveaway

Jason Law

Data Piss Take

They sell data that we legally have to give them, lose data that we have to give but they can't sell and charge for data we had to pay to be collected (think postcodes).

Why isn't there a "you're having a giraffe" icon?

Amazon defies French courts over shipping costs

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I wish it was UK law.

It wasn't that long ago that the UK abolished the "Net Book Agreement", which basically forced all book sellers to charge the same price for books (the price as printed on the back by the publisher). The proponents for opening up the market claimed that there would be more & cheaper books for all. The reality is that the only "book seller" within 15 miles of my house is Tesco who stock their shelves with nothing but chick-lit, rom-coms and lads books in the mould of Jeremy Clarkson.

Sure, I can buy anything I like from Amazon, but I can't easily discover a new author from a website - the days of happy discovery from reading the first page of a book by an author you've never heard of are now dead in the UK.

I wish we had the same law as the French.

Paris - Because that's in France.

Becta excludes Vista, Office - again

Jason Law


The purpose of the exercise for school ICT departments is to train the little bastards for the kind of things they're going to use computers for when they leave school and get a job. As a result, they shouldn't have any need to use O2k7 - because they'll probably never see the beast it in the wild. They should all be using Office XP because that's what they'll most likely use 'in the real world'.

I like the new interface, but by christ it's a bloated piece of crap - I've just opened a Word document and Task Manager is telling me that WINWORD is using 80Mb of memory - this for a one page document with no images and exactly 110 words.... That's 724Kb per word! An interesting anti-compression technique...

And that's the real reason most schools won't be using 2007 or Vista anytime soon - they've already invested heavily in new hardware over the last couple of years, which now won't have the horsepower to work well enough. School governors aren't about to throw all that money away just because MS say so.

Microsoft punts web-based apps to the masses

Jason Law


The text editor of real men (unless you have a beard and a predeliction for sandals - in which case 'ex' is the real deal).


So much simpler than Ctrl-S, Alt-F4.


So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

Jason Law

Well obviously....

... I'd love to tell you, but the first rule of Reg Club is never to talk about Reg Club.