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TrueNAS CORE 13 is the end of the FreeBSD version


Bad News Indeed

I am a long-term FreeNAS/TrueNAS user. Last year I made the switch to SCALE and began a six-months-long hellish ordeal that eventually led me to wipe my entire NAS and start from scratch with CORE. The SCALE learning curve was steep but I was all-in on adopting the new technology. I should say that I have been a Linux user since Slackware in the 90's, so I thought SCALE would feel like home. What I found was roadblock after roadblock. I quickly achieved a certain level of proficiency with Docker and did a deep dive into installing apps and setting up ingress/egress. I found that the main source of mature apps is TrueCharts. While I liked the number of choices, I found the Charts to be fussy and highly unstable. Some apps received regular breaking changes. At one point, 75% of my apps were affected by breaking changes at the same time. Add to this, the support staff is user-antagonistic at best. All that said, I was able to get most things running that I needed. Then SCALE switched from Docker to K8S and, at 6 months in, I didn't have the time or interest in learning a new container system. Finally, I discovered that SCALE was deprecating and removing other functionality that I had come to rely on. First was the ability to mount NTFS filesystems, which I know is a bad idea but I was using it to import filed from USB storage as a readonly source. The second was the removal of the OpenVPN service. I rely on tis daily to access my network from afar. I know I could stand up a VM or maybe a K8S container to host the VPN but that has it's own networking challenges and seems less efficient. Also, I had already invested 6 months into this and had to draw the line.

I was re-attracted to the maturity and stability of CORE so I decided to do a once-in-a-decade NAS wipe and start from scratch. Since reverting to CORE, life has been smooth sailing. I'd like to say that I will never look back, but I might not have a choice...