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New euro coin stuffs Turkey

Thomas Bangert


My map of europe also cuts off Turkey at Istanbul. I have travelled through all of Turkey and spent some time in various parts of the country. In my experience the western turkish population is a bit poor and backwards, but not more so than greeks or bulgarians. However, you will not find any people more pro-european. Having discussed the issue with a number of turks, they tend to uniformly insist that they are european and are indignant that Turkey is not yet a member of the EU. Any suggestion that this future membership is not inevitable is an affront to their dignity. On the other hand eastern Turkey is quite a different matter. In few places in the world have I seen such backwardness. These people are still at the biblical (old testament) level of development. Plus there is still military occupation by the Turks. These people have no place in a modern 21'st century EU. This is a land of sharia law and islamic prophets (ie fundamentalists). If I had any say I would make it a condition of accepting Turkey into the EU that they let the Kurds form their own state ... Kurdistan (part of Turkey, Iraq and a small bit of Iran). If the Kurds were allowed a vote, thats what they would vote for, I imagine by almost a 100% margin. Like the Afghans, these people live by their daily messages from God (via their many local prophets) and various other superstitions. Incapable of even basic agriculture (Irrigation is a mystery to them ... not needed if 'god' is at your beck and call) and fiercely independent, they are best left well alone. Sadam Hussein's army did not gas fellow arabs, it was recalcitrant Kurds that were gassed at Halabja. Before this it was Churchill who ordered the Kurds to be gassed. I have no doubt the Turks will get around to (having to) gas them in the future. As the Russians found out in Afghanistan ... it is better leave them well alone.

On the topic of the Euro ... I have been patiently waiting for it to be adopted in the UK. I'm sure those 5 tests Gordon Brown set out have been well and truly met by now. It can't happen soon enough if you ask me.


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