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Anatomy of a malware scam

Jesse Bartholomew

Another side Effect

This program also messes with Symantec Anti-Virus (Version 10 At least) We by default install NAV on all of our Corperate PC's and last week, I received a support call regarding this exact piece of Mal-ware, Upon further investigation, I found that the mal-ware had managed to disable the Symantec real time scanning, as well as the Auto-update, so no matter how long after the Mal-ware was installed, Symantec would never detect it.

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up

Jesse Bartholomew

Dell is not the only ones

Take a look at the new Acer 5720's They have tried to cram every conceivable language onto the damn keyboard so the enter key is now vertical and pushed the backslash to the left so you constantly get things that are followed by a backslash and not a return as expected\


Mines the one that speaks 10 different languages, but doesn't do english

Mum sends stripper to teenage son's school

Jesse Bartholomew

Very much like other contries of the monarchy

Canada is the same way with some butally messed up laws in regards to age.

In Canada it is Legal to:

Smoke at 16, but you Cannot buy Cigarettes until you are 19

You Can serve Alcohol at 18, but Cannot drink until 19

I really question the smoking one, as if it is illegal to sell/provide Cigarettes to any person under 19 under penalty of up to a $50,000 Fine and Jail but it is perfectly legal for a 16 year old to smoke, how are they legally getting the cigarettes?

Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

Jesse Bartholomew
IT Angle

A Little knowledge can Kill

Most of these Techs are paid Peanuts for what they do, and the ones who know what they are doing are bored out of their sculls doing it, and thus resort to scouring customers PC's for Pron and the like (there was a story on this a few months back).

Something like a Bad RAM stick is a rare thing, I agree, I have only personally seen it once in the 10 years I have been working in IT, but it still should be something they can diagnose. There will either be

a.) a beep code (if any of these techs actually knew what that ment)

b.) a bios error stating that the memory is non-existant

c.) if the system powers on and doesn't do anything, and they HDD is powered up so by process of elimination it is one of 3 possible components as the PSU and HDD are known good.




and one of the first things any tech should have learned is the process of replacing suspected bad with known good.

These "Geeks" do nothing but give real IT Professionals (notice that we do not refer to ourselves as "Geeks") a bad name.

I cringe every time I see a Nerd-mobile or a Geeksquad car pull up outside someones home. I want to call the police every time it happens because I know they are about to be robbed.

Tulip tries to buy back Commodore brand

Jesse Bartholomew

RE: Ah the old Days

John, you are right, The Name is now worth more than the product C=

It is a Logo that anyone who remembers it will always bring back memories of great computers, and a company who stood by there morals, and then died LOL

I actually still have my 4000 030 (running) and still boot it up every once in a while just to make sure it is still alive. I have drawers and drawers of Games and Demo Disks from Various Amiga Magazines, and look back at how much better things were back then.

I remember a few years ago my friends getting turned on to Worms for the PC. I just said "that's old news" I've been playing it on my Amiga for years, Same thing with Themepark and countless other games.

I am amazed at the number of old Amiga Games that have been ported to PC and 90% of the world would never realize that these games have been around for decades on the Amiga.

The Amiga was just another one of those things that was ahead of its time, and suffered because of it. If Commodore Ltd. kept its promises and delivered OS 4.1 back in the early 90's then who knows where the Amiga would be now, Especially now with the Intel Based PPC Chips. I could only imagine what an Amiga running at 3Ghz with 2Gb of Ram would be capable of if my old 4000 030 could outpreform most PC's of the day, and even some now.

Jesse Bartholomew

Commodore no longer lives

The Problem with the entire shift that has happened time and time again with Commodore since 94 is that all these companies are doing is trying to pry on peoples memories of the former products, which the new products have nothing to do with. Commodore stood for Innovation in Computing, a system that was ahead of its time (in the Amiga).

How many People who were Commodore Fanboys, were proud when they found out Babalon 5 was done on a Miggy using a Toaster, or that Terminator 3 was done with the same. These new PC's are nothing but Whitebox PC's with a name that was revered back in the day.

If a company is going to buy the Commodore name, it should be to Release OS 4.5 and the Power PC Support (or whatever they can come up with)

I remember running aps like winamp (Poweramp) on my amiga 4000 030 with 16mb of Ram and a 250MB HDD and still not have a problem multitasking and doing spreadsheets and word docs at the same time.

Show me a PC that is capable of that with those specs and that will be a PC worth putting the Commodore name on.


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