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Meat Loaf gets Q gong


Leave the Meat alone.

Fine, the reporter doesn't like Meat Loaf. But there are those who do, so why knock him? "Bat Out of Hell" is timeless, it's passionate, and over-all is a great song. Steinman deserves a lot more credit for the song (and the album) than Meat, but I only Meat could perform it (in my opinion).

So leave the Meat alone, unless you really like beating it.

Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?


Blu-Ray on 360?

This could be a good or bad move on M$ part.

If they are only incorporating Blu-Ray for playback of movies on the 360, then I don't see any sense in it. It would be better for them to make it an add-on as they did with the now defunct HD-DVD drive.

Now if they were to incorporate it into the console for GAMES, this could be a major plus (with a negative I'll explain next) - How many people played Mass Effect? The fact that they had to cram so much on a DVD meant that it took forever for the game to load, for textures to decompress and load, and made it miserable for many players due to the wait. With Blu-Ray, that wouldn't have been the case - it wouldn't have to decompress files/textures/etc.

The negative on this, is that all previous 360s sold without the Blu-Ray drive would not be able to play the Blu-Ray games.

Wondering if M$ is working on the X-box 3 (or.. ehem... 720?)

How a bread truck invented the internet


So where was...

...Al Gore? Didn't he invent the thing and get a prize?

*grabbing my coat*

Toshiba: integrated HD DVD would 'limit' Xbox experience


Circle of Death?

I guess if the 360 was left on for more than 2 consecutive hours to watch a movie, then another hour or two for a consecutive movie or game, it'd probably burn up?

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

Thumb Down

Super serial about it...

I thought this one was for him alerting people to the dangers of ManBearPig...

So, the guy who invented the internet and made a mockery of politics in general wins a Nobel. Maybe he'll win a Darwin next... we could only hope!

Sony's 40GB PS3 for Europe confirmed


PS2 Support

"Most notably, the system won't sport any backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games."

Correction: It will not sport the Emotion chipset for backwards compatibility, but will continue to support PlayStation 2 games via software emulation.

Italian website names 40GB PS3 price


No PS2 Compatibility rumor - AGAIN.

Again there is the rumor of no PS2 compatibility on a release of the PS3 to "reduce cost". Since the PS3 now has software emulation in place for PS1/PS2 games, this is a no-brainer yet again.

Hint of next PS3 spied on web


No Blu-Ray - Not possible

Seems like there is always someone coming up with what the next version won't have.

Well, "dropping the Blu-Ray" could not be a possibility as games are on the Blu-Ray format. So, dropping that would mean it wouldn't be able to play the PS3 games, eh? It would end up being a slightly disabled PS2 (since the Emotion chip has already been removed and all software emulation now) with PS3 online content.


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