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IBM lifts lid on latest bid to halt mainframe skill slips


Re: Most commenters have missed the point

To me, it's simple really. I would always ask one single question in the many meetings and what have you about "getting off the mainframe" that really ramped up after Y2K.

The one question?

Can this _______ system do 24 hours worth of work in 24 hours?

Yes or No?

Why are there still freight trains, amigos?

Why don't airlines ditch the big expensive planes for Lear jets?

And on and on and on.

Was at a meeting sometime around 2018 where a visiting big shot kicked off the thing by saying:

"I wake up every night in a cold sweat. A real nightmare. And that nightmare is KOBALT!!"

Jeez. Retired since 11/2020 and loving it.


Wow. I wrote a column for NaSPA Technical Support magazine for over 11 years. Working Smarter.

I have the original drafts of every single column. MS-Word. Also have many other articles from TSO Times, Z/Journal and others. About 50 articles and about 124 columns.

I own these. 85% deal with TSO/ISPF/REXX with lots of examples, code, usage tips and lots more.

Oh yeah, my primary job was a DBA!

But I wrote lots (started in 1982) of ISPF code. In every mainframe language. COBOL, Assembler, REXX and yes, even CLIST.

Would like to host this content somewhere.