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Ubuntu shops believe in Ubuntu

Tom Callway

Wouldn't back Canonical stuff

If you want to run a non-mission critical web server on Linux and you want something simple, then Ubuntu Server might be okay.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Shuttleworth and what he's trying to do. But if you're doing anything serious and *you know want you're doing* then go upstream. Debian is much more stable, has a better track record and comes from a commercially solvent org.

I certainly wouldn't want to stick mission-critical stuff on an OS produced by a company that's never been in the black.

NASA reveals manned Mars mission plans

Tom Callway

Flash Ahhash - Survivor of the Economy

Perhaps George W. has being taking his Flash Gordon comics too literally.

Stop focusing on US economic meltdown and look at the pretty monkey.</whitehouse>

Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'

Tom Callway

Marketing Toss

Searched for "The Office" using Mafiasoft LiveSearch and the first natural hit was "Office Shoes".

Did the same with Google and guess what? I got The Office TV programme.

This is marketing toss that shouldn't be given the time of day by El Reg.


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