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Open Source world's Bruce Perens emits draft Post-Open Zero Cost License


Re: Third time good but ...

>The HAM radio scene is aging and shrinking...


Been a "ham" for 45 years now.

Dropping of Morse test really HAS increased the number of users and has totally defied logic (great!)

The bands are full of it more than ever which has even surprised me as a Morse user.

Number of hams contributing to the hobby, often with software is up.

The downsides, VHF and UHF usage is down, no local chats, it's all on HF now, but that's about it.

Plenty of young blood in their 30's are producing intelligent contributions to the scene.

The death of the hobby was often spoken about from the 1950's and 60's, and it still has not happened in the slightest.

CEO of UK's National Grid warns of datacenters' thirst for power


Force data centres to contribute to the grid.

And reduce consumption by getting website to offer baosc webpages not stuff with crap (

e.g.text only / minimal graphics) to keep the cpu cycles down.

Tesla Berlin gigafactory goes dark after alleged eco-sabotage


Re: If they're camped in a German forrest...

You've got the wrong RAF.

Original poster meant Royal Air Force.

The communists that you refer to were the Red Army Faction.