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Electric Mini spied in Munich

Amanda Appleton

I can't believe

No-one had anything to say on my comment saying it looked like an exhaust... ;)

(Couldn't get to the Car website to check due to speed issues, and in my defence I don't know much about the back end of minis (or suspension in general)

Amanda Appleton

No exhaust?

There's what looks like a very small exhaust on the left hand side...

Dabs.com courier goes titsup

Amanda Appleton

I thought you said

"The Register asked BT, which bought Dabs.com in April 2006, for £30m" instead of "The Register asked BT, which bought Dabs.com in April 2006 for £30m" - somehow managed to read an extra comma in there.

As for couriers, the best one I've used is ANC

Cheque-red flag for Max Mosley

Amanda Appleton


Good coverage and so on. One point, though, caught my eye:

"Already, however, we have some evidence of people being asked in job interviews about what type of pornography they look at."

I could understand this, maybe, if they were going for a job in Anne Summers or similar, or maybe applying to be a sperm donor, but otherwise?

The New Order: When reading is a crime

Amanda Appleton

@ Righteously Indignant and AC Distinction

The phrase used was "The focus of the inquiry shifted to the possibility that he had been less than truthful in his application to stay"

As there is no other information to go on, it reads more like he's being deported because some-one thinks he possibly might have lied on his application, not because he actually did lie.

Which is as scary in it's own right as being arrested for downloading an apparently publicly available document which is on the university reading list to help a student of that university.

Six months on from HMRC, data losses still rising, says ICO

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Medicare have recently lost or had a stolen a tape containing personal data including bank details of some of its customers.

It's apparently on a secure tape that needs specialist software and cannot be easily accessed on a home PC. Because tape drives and backup software are so hard to come by, and if it was stolen, it would of course have been nicked by someone who had no idea what they were doing.

When asked if the data was encrypted, the customer service droid refused to answer, saying it would breach their security policy to do so.

Blokey atmos drives women away from sci/tech

Amanda Appleton


So this Murphy concludes that women studying science and maths type things find science and maths type journals lying around offputting? Would suggest this would be good cause for them to retrain, then.

(and @Lazarus_mub - I'd prefer to have a lab coat by Vivienne Westwood than by Prada ;-) )

Microsoft punts web-based apps to the masses

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Is this a beta release of an april fools joke for next year?

Three Gorges Dam an 'environmental catastrophe'

Amanda Appleton

2 billion rats

I'd've thought it would be easier to deal with 2 billion rats in a wheely bin than spread over a wide area - stick the lid down, and wheel it to your nearest place offering No. 54 ;-)