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The open source community is nasty and that's just the docs


Re: Well for Linus that's self defence

"Sorry, but when you write code for a living and you have others depending on your code, it has to be right the first time"

This is 100% weapons-grade ocean-going full-fat bollocks.

People write code. People are not perfect. Hence the existence of the testing process.

Linus Torvalds won't apply 'sh*t-for-brains stupid patch'


I think Linus is playing to the peanut gallery when he behaves like this.

It's fun, it's entertaining (if you're not on the receiving end, I suppose) and it adds a little spice to the otherwise dreary business of maintaining an operating system kernel.

It's true that in a normal business situation, this behaviour would be unacceptable (and f2f, would significantly elevate the risk of receiving a firm biff on the hooter - or at least a strongly-worded email), but kernel development ain't that.

Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth?


Re: Titlebars, menus, scrollbars, icons!

It's really, really not.

Remember, this is a user interface designed and built by IBM.

A budget phablet, what a curious thing: Reg puts claws to the Lumia 1320


Re: LTE/4G?

It absolutely does support 4G.

I have seen one with my own eyes, connected to and using data on EE's 4G network.

Plastic ingredient FOUND ON MOON of Saturn


Re: We've found the tupperware

There is a theory that the cores of gas giants are actually metallic hydrogen.

This is obviously wrong.

These cores are metallic, but they're iron. Made from all the teaspoons I can't find.

Google flings Bing into search engine bin


You sure?

I went here from the search bar (dropped the menu down, clicked "Add"):


Installed the "Google" search provider, and ticked the box that says "Make this my default search provider", and hey presto, bob's your viola.

It's not effortless, but it's not "cannot", either.

Microsoft loses grip on slippery Mango


Operator? Dunno. Manufacturer? Maybe.

I've got an unlocked (as in never been locked) HTC Mozart. The HTC apps, with the exception of the somewhat pointless "Hub" (I suppose they had to get *that* clock into the mix somehow) are actually very useful - in particular the "photo enhancer", "attentive phone" and "HTC YouTube" applications.

Google unleashes (another) Facebook knock-off



Wasn't that their FB killer?

Jobs woos devs with iPhone OS iOS 4


The Name


Apple reminds customers who's boss


Shurely illegal?

I might be talking out of the nether here, but I thought it was a little-known legal requirement that, at the end of the contract term, a network provider had to unlock a handset if so requested by the customer?


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