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Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you


They're running neither of those Win10 releases, they're using full fat desktop win10 pro, I think at one install it was 22H2. Same with the digital signage.

Fujitsu to shutter operations in Republic of Ireland


Re: It was already coming anyway

Fujitsu have other divisions besides mainframe, so have they also decided to get out of IT projects and retail support too? This just looks like they've decided it's too hard to work in Ireland.

IBM lifts lid on latest bid to halt mainframe skill slips


Re: Hilarious

Following that link further it looks like the typical forum sign in/new account form. Though if you use LinkedIn it can bypass some of the needed information inputting steps and there's a bit of automatic data slurping occurring as for me it automatically has Country and State/Provence filled. Then there's the are you a student checkbox which on no brings up a company text field.

HP print rental service seeks more users to become subscription addicts


Re: Their printers are the problem

I was wondering why you were having trouble then I saw the quick start guide for the M139we and how it's meant to be configured, all via the cloud with the app on your phone telling it what WiFi network will give it access to the internet. The USB is only for locations with no WiFi and it still needs the HP Smart app installed on the PC and a internet connection.

As for HP-windows driver hell, most of the HP office/laserjet printers I've encountered, have a local copy of the drivers accessible via the embedded webserver -which is probably yet another thing cloudification has killed- but provided I've a device with a ethernet port and a ethernet cable I know that I can configure one of them.


Ugh, OfficeJet...I ended up dumping the OJ MFP I had as the ink cartridges finally tipped into unobtainium and empty just as I finally got the endless tanks fitted. The head was clogged and refused to let any ink through. Replaced it with a LaserJet MFP and now have the issue of sourcing toner carts of a laser printer that was everywhere 3 years ago

Boeing paper trail goes cold over door plug blowout


Re: "Paper Trail ..."... "..paperwork..."

The paper record is the physical backup of the digital copy


Isn't there pics out there that imply that the door never even had any bolts fitted to begin with? If that's the case that means there was no bolts to remove and record, which in itself should've triggered someone to wonder why there's no bolts

US wants ASML to stop servicing China-owned chip equipment


Re: The United States Of America are going too far...

They recognized the wrong government, the one everyone considered legitimate in 1939-45 evacuated to Taiwan.

Health system network turned out to be a house of cards – Cisco cards, that is


So in this situation would adding more swtiches helped or would it need a different device ie router to resolve?

Nikola founder faces ranch forfeiture following fraud conviction


The Badger pickup trucks do have some prototypes, one apparently even moves on it's own. Dave Sparks, he of the Diesel Brothers TV show and a EPA emissions suit fame has bought the IP rights to the Badger, an e-ATV & e-Jetskis from Nikola. He has also stated a third-party built the Badger prototypes, but won't reveal who that is.

Cops visit school of 'wrong person's child,' mix up victims and suspects in epic data fail


Re: Ccea blocks me, why?

Add Australia to the ip ban

A visa to fill Australia's empty tech jobs is getting more expensive, but maybe better value


Re: Seems perfectly elementary to me :|

...I can do some of those roles but as I don't have the right bits of paper nor have the correct funny handshake connections I'm over looked

Australian supercomputer 'Taingiwilta' comes online this year with [REDACTED] inside


I'd love to work for them, but I suspect that I'm blacklisted from all government jobs and I don't want to move to Adelaide