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Japanese government rejects Yahoo! infosec improvement plan


Surely you meant…

Yahoo! Infosec! Improvement! Plan!

Tesla decimates staff amid ongoing performance woe

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What a surprise, yet another lie-off.

Chrome Enterprise Premium promises extra security – for a fee


Fortunately, no matter how hard they try to convince everyone they are, Google isn't the only game in town.

There are other browsers.

Some of them, mostly the ones not based on Chromium, are even good ones.

AI will reduce workforce, say 41% of surveyed executives


And this is the problem. AI is not good enough to take people's jobs, and as long as the hallucination problem remains unsolved (spoilers: it's unsolvable), it never will be.

However, the people pushing it are persuasive enough to convince bosses that it is.

China warns of fake digital currency wallets fleecing netizens


Fake currency in a fake wallet, what will they think of next?

Gen AI and cloud optimization help Asian SuperApp Grab turn a profit


Sparkling autocomplete isn't good enough to do your job. But it's good enough to trick your boss into thinking it can do your job.

London's famous BT Tower will become a hotel after £275M sale


But will Kitten Kong be invited to stay?