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Re: Old Visions, New Means

Ah, interesting comment. I had never heard of that, but it is similar to the project I've also been working on for decades and only recently is close. The hard part is how do you actually _implement_ his vision of course. It turns out that you can do so by focusing on time as your domain, similar to a version control system like git but working at the semantic level and not just files & folders. The damn tricky part is how do you implement a git-like protocol more generically, because it's a monumentally more difficult thing. In git and other vcs's, you have the convenience of a root folder (the repo itself) and then you hide all the complexity out-of-band in management of those repos. But if you get the addressing schema right (an even more abstract mechanism than say, IPFS's multi-hash algorithm), you can actually feasibly _address_ all of those seemingly different domains of documents, identities, spaces, etc. **Simplifying** this content addressing and focusing on the time domain is the only path that enables this, and it looks like he was a bit premature on his implementation details.

As an aside, Tim Berners-Lee has a more recent candidate build on "SOLID Pods" that is much more like the Xanadu project than his original html + www implementation. IMO though he still failed to grasp that time was the first-class citizen he was missing, and take it FWIW but this turns it into a neat spacetime construct (which was extremely surprising to me when I came upon the idea).

For anyone interested in this protocol, which also unifies the issues in this article with some of the comments, such as granular remuneration, sovereignty, open data (and genuinely open ai) on top of open source, and much more. My ibgib protocol is hosted on both GitLab and GitHub. I'm using different repos across the two services, but you can see the very latest on the GibLab ibgib/ibgib repo where I'm currently implementing a git replacement (I should hopefully be dogfooding an MVP within a month or two). You can also see a terribly slow angular, offline-first SPA prototype at ibgib dot space.