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Wells Fargo fires employees accused of faking keyboard activity to pretend to work

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I disagree, a good manager will keep the meaningless BS away from you and act as a firewall against undesirable upper managers.

I am not a manager, but I can appreciate the good vs the bad.

Google to push ahead with Chrome's ad-blocker extension overhaul in earnest

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It boggles my mind that Chrome is so prevalent in the face of obvious advertisement farming of the user base.

Genuinely, wtf?

Microsoft's Recall preview doesn't need a Copilot+ PC to run

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Re: No

I remain surprised that M$ still haven't bought 'Everything' or tried to rip it off.

Venerable ICQ messaging service to end operations in June

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Re: Trillian

A conversation to be tabled for later.

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Re: Trillian

This thread feels like it needs interrupting.

So you've built the best tablet, Apple. Show us why it matters

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Exactly this. Everything's been curated, right down to the fake ass apology. They even got Samsung to make people think of apple whilst trying to advertise their product.

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I don't get it

I don't use apple products, too overly controlled and priced. That said I think the complaining about this advert is equally inflated.

Troll, because you're giving them unwarranted free advertising.

Destroying offshore wind farms is top priority for Trump if he returns to presidency

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It's not democracy thats the problem but light touch regulation. The Chinese regulate by extreme gov. control, a democracy just needs to appoint a proper regulator with firm reasonable rules and enforce these.

Failing to enforce rules is the problem.

US 'considering' end to Assange prosecution bid

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Re: “The Land Down Under's”

It's well know that there are now no snakes in Australia.

The Spiders ate them all.

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Re: “The Land Down Under's”

Down under always reminded me of ones undercarriage. Perhaps 'The Groin' ?

AI will reduce workforce, say 41% of surveyed executives

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Re: If

With sufficiently sophisticated robotics, perhaps.

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Re: A class-half-empty reader

It's always half full. And don't call me Shirley.

Google ponders making AI search a premium option

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Re: Great Idea

It'll be great right up until you realise the results are poor.

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Re: AI - No thanks!

Two tier searching will mean the premium will be useful and the 'free' will be crap.

Stop using google for searching. Hell, stop using google period.

Fujitsu set to be preferred bidder in UK digital ID scheme

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Re: Bung received..

Looks to me like it's still going in some form, so not really scrapped is it.


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Would you feel the same way if demonstrably bad companies are given admin access to your data?

Spawn of Satan, because it'll be a cold day in hell before I'd hand over my data to Fujitsu.

Hardware-level Apple Silicon vulnerability can leak cryptographic keys

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It's certainly given me pause. I was investigating which of the M series to splash cash on (missus works with certain Apple friendly design apps) and now...wtf.

Microsoft's first AI PCs Surface with Intel cores and a Copilot key

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I wonder if I can still buy a Luddite laptop in future without this particular bell and whistle. The price point of the basic model onwards is nonsense.

UK awards £1.73M to AI projects to advance net zero goals

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I'm not negative about AI, I'm negative about the people that will misuse it.

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Re: Hmm

After sucking all the money out of local authorities in real terms cuts via austerity, the B word and numerous scandalous spending in recent years, as well as a ballooning deficit its very clear the current party of fiscal responsibility is anything but. Hopefully we can keep them out of power for a while as we de-shitify the UK.

Its gonna take time folks. And AI is not going to save us.

The federal bureau of trolling hits LockBit, but the joke's on us

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If there's one thing the Paradise papers (et al) taught me it's this. The financial systems of the world serve the richest in society and those in power and always will.

Crypto currency isn't needed for these really quite breathtakingly wealthy people to hide/move/manipulate money around the planet. If the folk in charge are really bemoaning the tax avoidance opportunities from crypto they'd have banned banks from doing business in the Cayman Islands years ago.

In the end, what this is really about is *control*. If you have a parallel financial system that can threaten central banking and scrutiny, those at the top of society will want to stop it or regulate it. The threat and actual criminality of crypto transactions have been overstated by those interests.

Also, hands up anyone here who thinks that fiat currency with all its oversight, checks and balances hasn't been used for illicit purposes.

Further reading.


https://pure.royalholloway.ac.uk/ws/files/42792707/Accepted_Manuscript.pdf [PDF]

Multiple billions up for grabs as UK government launches cloud services tenders

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Re: I wonder if Fujitsu will be bidding on this

Their dirty paws should never again be allowed near anything every again.

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That's because the strategic plan is for the manglement to prove how much they've saved when they close your DC down.

Get out soon.

Cutting kids off from the dark web – the solution can only ever be social

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Re: Forbidden fruit

Most of this is solved by having a mobile phone rather than a mobile computer in their pockets.

Make and receive phone calls and if you want to get real retro, text. Here endeth the list of things a mobile need do. This entire debacle is offloading responsibilities once again as consumers are too lazy to educate themselves before handing over lots of powerful tech to their kids willy nilly.

BOFH: Hearken! The Shiny Button software speaks of Strategic Realignment

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Re: "Oh, it's ah ... Neo ... um, Enterprise ... uh ... Executive ... uhm ..."

If its not "Dashboard" its "Single Pane of Glass".

These manglement induced systems are frequently little more an a "Single Pain of Glass".

Making sense of Microsoft's 'confusing' Copilot functionality carnival

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Re: I'm dying my hair ginger...

I kinda forgot about notepad. I didn't think anyone used it any more and just switched to NP++.

Billions lost to fraud and error during UK's pandemic spending spree

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Re: Oops, we stole it

I wouldn't do to piss of the Tory pals and donors who participated in the fraud and gravy trains. Too many yachts would have to be returned, and definitely no talk of people actually going to jail.

No one will ever be prosecuted. No one will ever be held to account and we, the British public, will put up with it. If this were France there'd be burning tyres rolling up the Champs-Élysées.

IPv4 address rentals to mint millions of dollars for AWS

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I reckon you'll not find an ISP mad enough to do that until the commercials make sense.

Meanwhile I do think collective governance of how IPs are treated could go a long way to banishing the commercialisation. Either you have the IPs to provide a service or you don't and if you don't its recommended you implement IPv6.

Also, accessibility can be a very good reason to require all services provided over the internet in $jurisdiction must support both. A bit like installing IPv6 ramps and wider aisles all over the place, but it needs collective, global agreement and action.

Dell said to be preparing broad Return To Office order this Monday

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"... in France to encourage those with ten or more years of service to leave the IT goliath."

Translation, we don't care much for quality of work or the experience required to drive that quality. We'll hire the greenest, most inexperienced cheepo, straight outta uni kids and still charge the customer as though we're offering *actual* service.

To all my comrades working for such horrid taskmasters, I urge you to move away from them.

Users now keep cellphones for 40+ months and it's hurting the secondhand market

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Re: No real surprise


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Re: No real surprise

Worry not. It won't be long before we get to "You were lucky, when I was a lad we had to chisel the zeros and ones into a cold hard wall in t' mine"

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Re: iPhone 7+ here

My wife would beg to differ. Her dainty digits are drowned on modern phones like my pixel 7 pro. That phone is too big, even for my (larger than average) man-size mits.

Isn't this one of those examples of poor choices not accommodating the variety of user requirements? I seem to recall some accusations of iPhone being too massive for women a few years back.

Mozilla slams Microsoft for using dark patterns to drive Windows users toward Edge

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Re: Teams/Outlook users driven over the Edge

My preferred nickname for Outlook is LookOut!

Outhouse has a nice ring to it though...

Another airline finds loose bolts in Boeing 737-9 during post-blowout fleet inspections

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Re: I hope they also covered

Alas for those using airlines, a BSOD in the skys is potentially quite literal.

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Re: A gross understatement?

Indeed. Everyones jumping up and down about handing back a CBE* or whatever but until there's some hard jail time and massive financial penalties imposed at the top of Fujitsu (UK) and the PostOffice CEOs will continue on with their lives whilst screwing over the little guy.

The other massive issue is the PostOffice being able to do its own prosecuting. That monstrous power needs to be removed with extreme prejudice.

*Another corrupt elite promoting system that should be thrown out!

CEO arranged his own cybersecurity, with predictable results

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Re: Customers are the security liability

"There's no way that Thames Valley Police would respond."