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Native Client d**k-swinging met with fake Googasm

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like it, you tell em!

I remember a few years back getting excited when hearing the latest google retoric, web this online that. at one point my fridge was going to online and would be googleing for the best price for my impending cheese replacement requirement. the replacement of MS office was with a web app was a full gone conclusion back then.

guess what came of all the bla bla! nothing. installing applications locally on a locally installed operations system is going to be a reality for a while yet i think and when i read this native client BS stocking filler rubbish i just sigh nowadays.

gOS intros OS cloud for netbooks

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oh great yet another distribution of linux to confuse and disapoint.

I may start up a business selling external cd drives or pre configured SD cards so people can install xp without the headache most have, this time next year i could be a miwyunaire! I have an eeepc and didn't take me long to make the switch i can tell ya now its a great machine just which i'd have opted for a model with the atom rather than celeron

French boffin: Mac Pros emit toxic fumes



the right people got wiff of this.

McKinnon loses extradition fight

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poor bloke

@ crime/ timers i agree but the point is he's gonna get delt with far more harshly than he ever could have accounted for.

my guess is though that he'll only do a small amount of time in the US in some nasty jail then he'll be transfered back to a comfy cell here in the UK with playstation do a couple of years and probably get a degree

next stop cushy IT security job?

Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

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not so bad

at least they are paying them this time rather than brainwashing them. it's a step forward

iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

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whats the problem

Come on people remember this is an 'I'-Phone? 'I'Phone! it doens't even need to work to be cool, i'll take three please

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

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horses for courses

if your willing to shell out like a drugged lemming for all the normal over priced icrap that apple curns out who to say you wont go the extra yard and shell out for this and really enjoy it. one mans plastic tat is another mans innovation.

Personally I commend this app if only all the proceeds we given to poor children in Africa it would be perfect!

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet


@Tom Maddox

I wish I had time to give you a more intelligent explanation as to why you are a smug but completely misinformed imbecile with what seems to be a mild case of aspergers, but I haven’t. needless to say really but you really out did your self here though :D

Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life


oh dear

this thread was only going to go one way given the headline, can i add that OSX is also crap and full of security holes or would that be adding fuel to the fire! hehe

sorry it's a slow tuesday, i'll get me coat now

Apple DNS patch doesn't patch Mac clients



lets agree they belong to the same family?

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OSX Linux

OSX may not be a linux distro in fact it's based on unix (Free BSD) from which we all know linux evolved long long ago so those who claimed mac osx was linux can be excused I think in getting the branching wrong in essence they were right. truth is that when the open source community fix linux it can't be easily compiled for osx, apple need to create the fix for themselves from scratch. being based on an ancient operating system written by someone else, applying a security fix of this complexity is bound to be hard, that fact apple have failed this time says a lot though as they will have thrown everything they have at getting a decent fix in place in a timely manner.

Please stop defending the in defenceless when a company screws up like this it needs to be bashed as there are knock on security issues for everyone and next time they certainly need to do better.

I think i'd better get my coat!

NASA's robotic moon-dirt grubbing contest is go


i wonder

If rather than building materials for moon towns complete with moon town halls and charity shops etc.. and for oxygen production what NASA are really thinking is this could used alongside robotic return vehicles to harvest large amounts of dust/rock from the moon to bring back to earth. As we all know Moon dust is supposed to be rich in ‘helium 3’ a possible component in future fusion based power generation.

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film


this ruling

May take some time to digest.

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home


tiscali tv

At these speeds does it mean my tiscali TV will actually work?

Just had a spare axe to throw into the mix

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax

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this is shocking

I think these larger cup sizes should be subsidiesd by the tax payer this would encorage more ladies to have large fun bags.

I will boycot m&s from here on and should any topless campain take place I will certianly attend to offer my support

British Columbia stray foot tally hits six




Property slump hits Carphone Warehouse


i agree

with the housing marking in full scale decline pretty much anthing can now be blamed on plummeting house prices, it's fair game

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse


what the

i'm not generally a fan off apples plasticy tat at the best of times but using the name of our number 1 hero to push this i-junk on some i-lemming has tipped me over the edge.

jobs! get out of your own arse and pay some dam respect to the realy mighty mouse you tw*t. why not call it an apple mouse or even better i-mouse?

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

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switch back?

osx is full of holes

Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox


hang on a mo..

Didn't we all used to moan about how often we were being given updates to IE and pointed to this fact as an indication of how insecure it was. at that time firefox had very few security updates some said this was because no one but us techies were actually using it the couter argument was that because there were so few updates it was an indication that it was an incredibly secure browser.

I think we need to keep a hold of the ground here people.

persoannly i have gone back to IE as there is just no benifit to me having firefox installed anymore i suspect it is becomming a little less secure than IE these days and also seeing as i can't uninstall IE why have two, hey but thats another argument

shall i get my coat?

Apple US retail sales leap past PC par


does it come in pink?

people are driven by marketing that is Apple's strongest area not hardware and certainly not software.

Their hardware is generally pc bits bundled together oftern with poor cooling and power provisions and a rather oversized price tag, software is a clunky bsd oh sorry osx i forgot.

overpriced yes slightly backward software eh yes (be honest) well marketed yes (I like their style), now if only they could bring out a pink version and get it on the set of neighbours I'd bloodly well buy one. winning solution. if only us consumers would give up thinking alltogher and just let apple take care of us.

i must have a death wish dissing MAC, call it easter madness

Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps


anti microsoft sentiment?

Just noticing of late El Reg's anti microsoft sentiment has slipped from a healthily irrational hatred of all things MS to a more radical lefty, wishy woshy, girly wirly, namby pamby tree hugging google snoggin open source love feast. since when did el reg go veggie? have you guys started recycling your pizza boxes as well now?

SORT IT OUT! any more of this and i may as well start reading slashdot and will consider coming to Reg HQ and sticking a copy of Unbuntu where the sun don't shine oooh. or I could start reading ms tech net there I’ve said it!

consider this a friendly slap around the face from a concerned friend

Ubuntu laptop clan trapped in hard drive hell



common admit it it's friday! its a major bummer for unbuntpoo i'm sure it'll get sorted out, before you can fix a problem you must admit you have one :D

regarding the attacking of Linux fan boys with regard to their sexuality i would never do that neiter would i accuse them publicly of being mummies boys who have never kissed a girl no in fact i would see that as imature and generally un called for. as for all the klingon references it is everyones right in a free society to be a sad git appoligies if i implied that wasn't the case ealier.

p.s my only pet hate with linux is that it never works quite right, i'm getting me coat, quick!

IT Angle

it wasn't me

Lets face it there are already millions if vista laptops out there and have been for some months now and no problems with reagards to the power management of the hard disks being reported, unbunto has a install base on laptops of what? lets say 10,000 (no where near that much i bet ) of sucessful installations and all these reports comming in. from the above facts i think we can come to some conclusions

1 Vista isn't doing it as well

2 unbuto has a serious bug which may cause hardware failure which needs sortin. asap

vista did it too sir! Please thats just typical of linux fanboys who's staple diet is Pizza and own a clingon suit, what's the klingon for lonley? get a life or actually better still get a girl friend!

Macs seized by porn Trojan



I guess those pesky VX'res did some reasearch when they found this one.

ok guys we've found a hole in osx, right best place to exploint this for the average Mac user? ok we're all agreed then porn sites it is!! lol

new meaning to perverts in macs, I'll get me coat now...

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'

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Hardly the head of a pirate ring

Common I don't think it is actually illegal to provide links to content on the internet, if that is the case then we need to dig further and bust anyone who ever linked to tv-links which in-turn linked to illegal content. I think trading standards made a bit of a booboo here and I for one hope they get there sorry asses kicked for it as they should have a better understanding especially if they plan to bust down peoples doors.

Bet the register has linked to dodgy sites before in articles so watch out!

Maybe good will come out of this in clearly establishing that this kind of activity simply isn’t illegal.

Also this was a pretty good site and I miss it, although I never downloaded anything I just liked the design a lot, honest!

Apple patches Windows QuickTime bug


qucik time has always been a bit er ahem

Why would anyone want to use this closed format anyway, if your that up job's bum cheeks you'd use this I guess you'd deserve an exploit or two anyway.

Why won't quicktime die already?

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates


Plain Silly

I know a large portion of the IT industry still like to bash MS for anything and everything they do, increasingly it’s just plain silly, please get over it. I’ve been a critic in the past and will be in the future from time to time but no one will ever take that seriously due to the constant silliness of the average ‘MS hater’. Windows XP was surprisingly good, fact! it hurt to accept but I have now and lets move an and keep it real :D


have you seen the way Bill wears his pants… terrible!

VoIP says hello to the iPhone


macboy comment

There seems to be a severe lack of mac fanboy comments on this thread, something I for one find strangely disconcerting. This is an article describing yet another iphone hack! surely these are infidels doing this hacking and they must be attacked.

Now please bear with me as i'm not a real mac boy but will never the less give it my best shot (someone has to fill in for Macboy)

Truphone = poophone how dare they hack a jobs product in this way, do they not understand that in doing this they are messing with job's unearthly 'innovation skills'

if god wanted us to fly he would have given us wings likewise if jobs had wanted us to be able to use Voip on our Iphones he would have preinstalled it? no?

All other phones are rubbish especially windows ones or anything microsoft as it was probably copied from job's homework anyway and pc's are rubbish other than Apple pc's which are of course brilliant.

please read Jobs autobiography 10:300 for further enlightenment.

Hope that was ok, I'm a nubbie so go easy

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop


nice move nutters!

What a load of rubbish, it was sold as a bundle deal the laptop and the software! only in europe would this be upheld in court. this can only be applied to laptops because if it was to apply to any purchase like the car example it would be so crazy it just couldn't be done. so now the french courts need to start working through on a product by product basis.

ok pencil with attached rubber? ... non


bread with garlic ...er wei


and so on.

common get real this might go a againt MS and some people might like it for that but lets not pretend this isn't totally loonacy