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MP wants Welsh text on ID cards



I was going to post a pithy comment about how Welsh doesn't have equal validity with English (and I'm a Welshman and proud!)

Then I saw this:

"The government's plan is for the cards to contain only English and French, however."

If we're having French on the cards, I damn well want Welsh on it. Take the English (or the French, preferably!) off it if needs be. It's not as if we're going to wonder what bits of it say.

My driving licence is bilingual. My ID card (that I'm not going to get, but that's a different rant) should be too. And with British languages, not foreign, thanks.

Acer punts £199... er... £220... er... Linux laptop



Screw that then. A small capable laptop (laptot?) for under 200 quid was a bargain, but I'm not going over that. Might as well get a full size one.

Tiwi spies on your children, so you don't have to


Re: 18 != Child

"At 18 years old you are an adult"

Yeah, but don't forget, in some states, you can get a licence at 17, 16, possibly even 15.

Still fairly pointless though.

HTC TyTN II smartphone


And another thing

Shame on Orange for removing the HTC Home plugin - it's much better than the crappy Orange lashup or even the default Windows Mobile Today screen!

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Re: Headphone adaptor

"Additionally, they also do a remote, mic + 3.5mm adaptor which gives you handsfree with a normal set of headphones and ability to control Media Player via play/pause/skip buttons."

This is worth mentioning, as it means that you can not only keep the phone safe in a pocket (or in the supplied case) and receive phone calls using the mic, but you can listen to music on decent "real" headphones and Play/Pause, change volume and skip forwards and backwards through the tracks. Much better than the bundled set.

"I love my Vario III (the T-Mobile variant) and it's far, far more featured than the iPhone!"

Same here. The HSDPA really widdles all over the iPhone. Broadband for mobiles!

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop


The trouble with laptops...

... is that they quite often have quirky if not proprietary hardware in, then do the drivers themselves. Yes, looking at you, Sony.

Thus just sticking a vanilla Linux (or even Windows) install on doesn't always enable all the features on the laptop.