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Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy'


Re: I only just got the hang of the sudoers file format

Or learn NetBSD. Better for long term sanity. :)

Disenchanted Windows user? Pop open a fresh can of Linux Lite


Re: An old days "update" today.

Mint is good but only problem is their software centre. I would give Fedora Budgie edition to newbie.

Lansweeper finds a lot of CentOS Linux out there


CentOS or RHEL enterprise users should either move to OpenSUSE where upgradea to Major versions are easily and safely done. Or move to FreeBSD/NetBSD servers where backward compatibility is better

At Apple, AI stands for 'Apple Intelligence' – and it's coming to everything



Just use the real Unix NetBSD ;)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AlmaLinux 8.10 released as end of the RHEL 8 line looms


There are now better robust alternatives for servers. FreeBSD NetBSD

Long-term supported distros' kernel policies are all wrong


Re: FreeBSD got it right.

Also NetBSD :)


Re: Long Term Support is Long Term Problem

Gald to found NetBSD. Been using it since 8.x easy to upgrade and understand OS. But my requirements are enterprise grade so only someone with practical experience know.

Malicious xz backdoor reveals fragility of open source


OpenSource is not the problem but FOSS should follow development like OpenBSD security focused.

Fresh version of Windows user-friendly Zorin OS arrives to tempt the Linux-wary


Mr. Liam if you get chance also do test drive latest Enlightenment Desktop Environment. It is not easily available as ISO for anyone to test yet.

Linux 6.9 will be the first to top ten million Git objects


I wish Linux followed NetBSD build system structure. Also single build.sh script builds tools kernel ISO and IMG files for all architecture.

Year of Linux on the desktop creeps closer as market share rises a little


Year of the BSD on desktop will soon by pass Linux in market share.

KDE Plasma 6.0 brings the same old charm and confusion


Re: I was hoping they'd finally come up with the goods

I think Cinnamon and Budgie got that better UX wise.

Top five reasons to move from CentOS to RHEL (according to Red Hat)


Better to run NetBSD server and pkgsrc as package management.

Rust can help make software secure – but it's no cure-all


Actually Ada subset SPARK programming language is more secure way to code. Ada doesn't compete directly with Rust.

Could immutability be a Leap too far for openSUSE users?


Because of these kind of things done by Suse and RedHat i am hoping for better BSDs future.

Indie devops should opt for NetBSD for servers.

Red Hat greases migration to RHEL for CentOS 7 holdouts


I would suggest moving to NetBSD for server usages