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Palm Pre re-re-introduces iTunes synchronization

Dave Cumming

Lazy, just plain lazy

More to the point who would want to buy a phone from a company who apparantly don't even have the skills to develop a simple synching application for it??

Finger crossing won't lure iPhone coders to Windows Mobile

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Defending Apple

I think the main reason you'll see greater defence of Apple than anything else is simply because some weird people feel the need to tell world+family how much they dislike Apple and won't buy their products. No attacks, there would be no defence. When an article is posted about the new Sony, Nokia or whatever you don't get a torrent of abuse from iPhone owners saying how evil, horrible and wicked those companies are do you? In fact most other phone or computer reviews/articles you barely get a comment at all. Possibly as someone who has no intention or desire to buy the latest Nokia won't read the article in the first place. If you don't want an iPhone, fine, we get it, STOP READING THE SODDING ARTICLES. Sheesh.

So to sum up, the day the people who have a strange and frankly quite scary hatred of a technology company and its products stop posting their hate ridden postings then perhaps you'll see fewer attempts to defend Apple as there simply won't be the need.

iPhone solo loss stares O2 in the face

Dave Cumming


If the EU went after Apple for exclusivity they'd have to go after all the other companies as well, in case it had escaped your attention as you were to busy trolling Apple stories pretty much every phone company and network have EXCLUSIVE phones of some shape or form, always have, almost certainly always will.

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps

Dave Cumming


The maps themselves are pretty laughable as they've taken a big purple marker to Edinburgh and surrounding area for O2 3G is which is a complete lie. 3G coverage in that area is spotty beyond belief.

Surely OfCom should be all over the providers as they are selling a service which they themselves have quite clearly documented DOESN'T WORK.

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest

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Could you please stop posting articles about Kindle on the iPhone and how fab it is when your core audience (i.e. uk readers) can't get it???

iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

Dave Cumming

@James O'Brien

Apple spend probably millions of dollars on the development of the upgrades to the software so I fail to see why they shouldn't claw some of it back. iPhone users are already paying for it with their higher purchase prices and line rentals. Also whats $10 for all that added functionality, same applies to you as it did to all those moaning about the price of the iPhone, don't wanna buy it, don't. End of discussion.

Otherwise it looks like a superb set of updates and well done Apple for continuing the support of the device and making it better and better.

And to Mr Android, overpriced crap hardware? Have you SEEN the G1?? Now that is crap!!

Still can't believe so many iPhone "haters" insist on reading every article about it. You don't like it, we get it, so PLEASE STOP READING THE FLIPPIN ARTICLES!!!! Sheesh.

US mulls clicks for cameraphones

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@Joe K

iPhone with the silence switch on doesn't make a sound when you take a picture, also if you were wearing headphones nobody else would hear it anyway.

Sure its not that uncommon.

More to the point, my current CAMERA doesn't make a sound when I take a picture (as I've turned it off) likewise my pocket video camera makes no sound. So why just aim at camera phones?

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs

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How to pay?

"how to pay for the bandwidth consumed by iPlayer". Err... don't we pay for it already? On BT Option 2 I get a 15GB download allowance, if I use it all on online gaming or I use all of it on iPlayer whats the difference, its still 15 GB.

Not that I can use iPlayer very well on BT as they appear to throttle it which means in fact I already can't use the 15GB as I see fit resulting in me about to drop BT as soon as my contract expires.

Paying an "extra" charge is a non-starter as your basically saying "you pay us X for your broadband, now pay us Y and we'll actually let you use it".

Surely a better answer is for OFTEL and the government to tell the ISPs to actually honour the services they are selling and if they can't tough luck, they go out of business. For them to moan and whine and say "oh but we don't have the bandwidth".. well you shouldn't be selling something you don't have, no other business can get away with that so why should they?

Gamer recovers Xbox 360 using controller

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Me thinks someone is stretching the truth...

Firstly why would someone steal it and then happily leave it sitting in a seemingly unlocked apartment nearby?? (since the implication is that he wandered into said apartment unhindered).

Also why on earth would they wipe it, and more to the point how without the aid of a controller? I'm not aware of a "wipe hard drive" button on the 360.

Fantasy land stuff.

Samsung Innov8 i8510 eight-megapixel cameraphone

Dave Cumming

How much???

£465 PLUS a contract for the 8gb version??? And people bleated on about the cost of the iPhone!!

Can't see Sony or Apple looking very worried with it selling at that price.

Intel badmouths Jesus Phone

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ha ha ha

Same old same old anti-iPhone article. Instead of actually saying "we have a phone that can do this and that which the iPhone can't", they just point fingers and say "it can't do this". Grow up and instead of pointing fingers, if the iPhone is that bad, then produce an alternative thats better? Oh, wait.. you can't.

G1 Android launch pictures leaked?

Dave Cumming

Wheres the flames???

Wheres the Nokia fanboys, the Apple haters, the Bill Gates love children all bombarding this with abuse as they did to the iPhone??

I'm willing to bet this gets nowhere near the abuse despite clearly being a complete and utter rip off with a much uglier exterior and no doubt will have just as many teething issues.

And to re-iterate, boy is that a cheap and ugly looking phone.

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

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Hang on a minute, wheres the usual hoards of trolls who come on and bash the iPhone everytime theres an article about it? Why aren't they on here bashing the Z10 or the N95??

Ahh.. I know, they're all down at O2 stores queueing for a 3G iPhone!

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

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Paris Hilton

Why the rush?

I'd love to upgrade my 16gb iPhone to the new one but since we've until Oct 11th to get the deal and theres obviously no 16gb on sale whys everyone in such a rush to get one right this very second? Surely alot easier and alot less hassle to wait until say 2 weeks time when the staff will have some idea what they are doing, the website won't be overloaded and they might have figured out that folk want 16gb phones and started taking orders for them?

Paris as she always wants it now.

Grand Theft Auto reportedly inspires teen rampage

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Ban it all

Hang on a sec though.. not one person was hurt due to the game. Did they beat the man to the ground with the plastic box? Threaten him with paper cuts from the instruction manual? Nope.

Surely the article should be about the dangers of baseball bats, broomsticks and crowbars???!??

Paris, because these guys were clearly on her level of intelligence.

O2 prices up the latest iPhone

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Here we go again....

Firstly can all the folk asking the really flipping blindingly obvious questions do the same as the rest of us and visit www.o2.co.uk or www.apple.com.

Well done to the guy whos never seen an iPhone, congrats. You want a prize? Or are you actually having a dig at a product you've never seen let alone used??? Weird. I've seen plenty, and in the states on holiday they were everywhere. Personally like most folk mines in a cover so you probably wouldn't be able to spot it if you wanted to. Perhaps iPhone users aren't the type to go around shouting down their phone "HELLO, YES.. I'M ON MY IPHONE... ITS GREAT"??

MMS? What for? Its got free email. That'd be FREE. How much does the average MMS message cost to send? My old phone was about 50p a pop.

Anonymous Coward whos so upset that he can't write apps without buying a Mac. Maybe I'm missing the point, does the N95 come with a built in development platform? No, think it needs a PC which last time I checked costs money. If you DID buy a Mac then you would be able to write your wonderful apps and have then distributed, Worldwide, by Apple, for FREE if you choose to. Can't see Nokia, Blackberry or Microsoft doing that for you.

Paris, because shes clueless, like quite a few folk who post on iPhone threads.

Blu-ray movie sales gathering momentum

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Killed HD-DVD?

I'd be curious how the HD-DVD sales figures compare since they've been reduced in price and everyones been hoovering them up at under a tenner, or in many cases only £5 now.

Maybe all the Blu-Ray Sony fanboys are going to wise up that the death of HD-DVD wasn't the wonderful thing many of them seemed to think it was. If Sony were so wonderful and lovely they'd have REDUCED the prices to encourage sales instead of ramping them up now that they have zero competition.

I have an HD-DVD player (in case you hadn't guessed) and love it, but I more than likely will get a Blu player eventually but not until a) they come down in price to a sensible level (at least under £200) and they start bringing out some decent films. Half the stuff they are throwing out I wouldn't buy on DVD let alone on Blu for twice the price, born out by the fact that on HMV the top 3 are Sweeny Todd, AvP2 and National Treasure 2 (closely followed by RAMBO??). Sweeny perhaps is a decent film but come on, the other two are utter trash, and thats the best Blu can offer???

HD-DVD at least had the Matrix, Batman and Bourne, must sees in HD. Wheres Blus big seller?

Its pretty much the same as Sonys other product, the PS3, all style, no content.

Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK

Dave Cumming

Next next gen

The other factor to remember is probably by the time the PS3 catches up Microsoft will be releasing their next console so once again Sony will be left behind. Fact is they missed the boat bigtime with PS3 and it'll take a miracle for them to EVER catch up.

Wi-Fi spoofing sends Jesus phone disciples off the true path

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point being?

One word... GEEKS.

How sad are the people that firstly thought this project up and then spend the time and effort to do it?? Why exactly? Because they could??

I can't think of a single reason anyone would exploit this "hack"?

Are Securicor vans iPhone mapping to find their way around with vans full of money?

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

Dave Cumming


Not unless your playing your Wii on a monitor as you need a license to own a tv, not to watch it. Quite how the rules work if you don't own a tv but you do watch BBC on an iPhone or iPod I have no idea!

Sony chews the Blu-ray fat with Microsoft

Dave Cumming

Sony strategy

"Surely the PS3 strategy was the right one, delay it, fit all the things needed, and get it RELIABLE.."

how can a strategy thats left them scrabbling for sales and being so far behind Nintendo and Microsoft that they'll be on to their next gen of consoles before Sony even gets close to catching up and a strategy thats meant they've sold EVERY PS3 at a loss be a "right" strategy?

Also the fact that PS3 owners want Halo 3 should tell you something, there isn't a single PS3 game I can think of worth having that I can't get for the 360. Sony will still be trying to claw back their money from the PS3 a year after Microsoft release the 720 (or whatever they call it in the end).

Sony got putting Blu in the boxes right in terms of getting Blu off the ground but it destroyed them in terms of the actual games console market. Its yet to be seen if in the long term Bluray sales make up for the mess that is PS3.

O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

Dave Cumming

Network traffic

First off, let me say hurrah.. one less thing for the iPhone haters to rant about (really folks, time to get over it and move on, you can't afford one, fine, don't buy it, don't like, fine, don't buy it, now get on with your lives and stop raising your blood pressures everytime an article is posted about a PHONE).

Next.. the first 3 lines are about O2 standard tariffs, the rest is about the iPhone.. the clue being the 4th line which starts "iPhone tariffs are also changing"... pretty clear for those who can actually read.

And lastly, of course iPhone users are browsing more. My last two phones have had 3g but since the mobile specific websites in general were hopeless and I couldn't be bothered using them aside from the odd news update or football scores. email frankly sucked big time.

With my "Jesus" phone (whatever that means.. did Jesus have an iPod??) I browse pretty much every day, in the office, in the house, on the bus, wherever I like and can browse pretty much anything in exactly the same way as I could on a laptop, apart from the still annoying lack of flash support but I'm certain that'll come.

Seriously, can we move on now? The fact is its a very good device, I'm loathe to call it a phone as thats probably what many people use it least as, its not in everyones price brackets, thats life, get a new job. You can't get an N95 with a comparable tariff for much less, if its even possible with the unlimited data and I don't see that getting attacked every day on here.

Move along, move along, this isn't the phone your looking for....

UK's number one router open to VoIP hijacking

Dave Cumming

@Khyle Westmoreland

And thats a good thing why?

If I want my bank to call me on my voip phone I give them the number so what difference does it make if its a standard number or not?

If someone has to look up your number its a pretty safe bet that you aren't already dealing with them in which case its spam, so frankly, I'm quite happy to keep our non-standard number as it gets ZERO spam.

Dave Cumming

Only the stupid need be scared...

Firstly you can easily ask your bank to prove who they are, I've done it before and they'll quite happily provide details just as they'd expect you to.

Secondly the VOIP number is a completely different number to your landline so unless for some very odd reason you gave your bank that number they wouldn't know it to call it. In fact nobody as yet knows our number as giving someone else our VOIP number doesn't benefit us does it so why would we?

So if that phone rings, its either GOD, Commissioner Gordon or a spam call, either way they get told to go away.

also the BT hub works just fine for gaming, well it does with the XBox 360, one of the previous firmwares caused restarts for a few weeks but once onto version E its been rock solid.

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop

Dave Cumming

To b166er and anyone else who can't find a "bare" computer..

Bare PCs I could go and buy from one of a dozen shops in Edinburgh, however laptops I wasn't sure but...

I went to Google and tried "Linux laptops"... Dell sell them.. so theres an option... then I tried "Bare laptops", found a reference to Asus so checked out their website and indeed the C90 Asus, top spec bare laptop.

On sale in US of A....


Dave Cumming

Common Sense????

So he goes into the shop.. or online.. sees Windows Laptop with X software, pays for it, then sues??

Common sense, the mans an idiot, as is the court.

Pardon my stupidity but why didn't he just NOT BUY IT??? I can think of a dozen shops around here that will sell a bare bones system with nothing on it. So if thats what I wanted, I'd go buy it and have done in the past.

Are they really saying that Acer didn't advertise that by buying the machine you were getting all this software? I doubt it. i.e. didn't it say "Windows Vista Laptop with Office, McAfee etc etc"?

Unreal. The guy should have been charged with wasting the courts time with his stupidity.

Someone else used a car as an example.. would this guy go and buy an Astra VXR, then sue and say actually I didn't want alloys, air con, power steering etc etc.. what I really wanted was the basic model, so its Vauxhalls fault.