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OpenAI CEO wants UAE into his plan for a global AI cabal


Bitter taste

There’s something of the night about this Altman character, that leaves a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. Unlike Michael Howard, Altman is just another of the many excessively immodest people feigning platform confidence, many of whom really need to stop, think, look around, discuss, and so on…

I could go on and on…

The last mile's at risk in our hostile environment. Let’s go the extra mile to fix it


The Common Sense Tzar

Can we nominate you for the position, yet to be announced, of Common Sense Tzar?

IBM lifts lid on latest bid to halt mainframe skill slips

Black Helicopters

Re: Encourage z/OS and z/VM on Hercules

Yes, by imminent I think we can refer to "The mythical man-month", or should that be miracle, or mystical, to divine (yes, I mean divine) that we may never see this.

Anyone from IBM want to comment on this?


Re: Encourage z/OS and z/VM on Hercules



“Learner's Edition is currently being updated and will return soon.”

However that status hasn’t been updated recently. Surely we can expect an imminent announcement…

European Commission broke its own data privacy law with Microsoft 365 use

Big Brother

Would using the OVH-hosted Microsoft 365 service have helped avoid some of these problems?

British Library pushes the cloud button, says legacy IT estate cause of hefty rebuild


Legacy is here to stay... Live with it...

"Legacy software" or more generall "Legacy IT" is usually discussed as if it were some anomalous hangover from the bad ol' days, from old, undesirable and badly regarded projects, or from when things "weren't done properly."

Well, that's clearly wrong... Legacy is and always will be a fact of every project. If not now, then sooner or later.

It's unfortunate that Legacy software is most often mentioned in the same statements that tells us about the bright new future ahead, with no more Legacy software to hold us back, to drag down performance and to remove the need for software maintenance.

Let's help inject some realism into these discussions and remind everyone that focussing on the good news and the bright future that lies ahead is no way to run projects that we know will have problems. We know that. That's life...

I hope they don't imagine a problem-free follow-up and then forget any lessons learned... we don't learn from the good news, so relish the bad news...

Change Healthcare registers pulse after crippling ransomware attack

IT Angle

The clue is in the name

Unfortunately. Time to change, and publicise reports like this.

You got legal trouble? Better call SauLM-7B


Optimism backed by belief

Great… Saul… ;-D

Does that sound like a positive step in the right direction? Or does it sound like a religious mantra, pleading and hoping, guessing, and ultimately ending with untestable systems that may or may not provide a relevant, correct response, or will it repeat and mashup mistakes and other phenomena with cute names?

I’m really supportive of all this work, but a dose of reality could help.

Or am I a curmudgeonly backward skeptic who has seen similar things come and go, then return, muted but more practical?

UK finance minister promises NHS £3.4B IT investment to unlock £35B savings

IT Angle

Re: automating the writing and clinical coding of notes, discharge summaries and GP letters

This sounds like WordStar MailMerge.

Chrome users – get an alert when extensions are in danger of falling into wrong hands


Lynx, woohoo!

This sounds like _The Wild West_.

I’m surprised, no, shocked, no, disappointed that such a necessary check isn’t already provided by the purveyor of this business-critical software, that people, families, institutions, businesses, governments depend on for significant parts of their daily requirements.

Fortunately I don’t have these problems with Lynx.

Copilot can't stop emitting violent, sexual images, says Microsoft whistleblower


Don’t worry, it’s TDD…

…unfortunately, we’re the tests…


But seriously, this isn’t a surprise, is it? This is a toy, a new toy, and we know what people do with new toys. This isn’t tech, it’s just greed…


What a surprise! Apple found a way to deliver browser engine and app store choice


I welcome that walled garden... have you seen the mess outside?

I won't be recommending that any of the people who call me to ask if they should be responding to that SMS message from Fedox, that inviting email from Amazen, that missed call from the NatWost, and what the hell are Passkeys, if they should change their App Store...

The opaque nature of scams make every deviation and distraction another pain-point for everyone. Don't trust anyone. Not ever the gatekeepers, because everyone wants their cut. And whilst my grandmother is trained to exercise extreme caution and never click that link, it just takes one well-crafted misrepresentation to hook her in...

I hope it's difficult to change the Store and not a simple rose-coloured **Welcome** click.

London's famous BT Tower will become a hotel after £275M sale


London Has Fallen…

Unlike The Goodies, London Has Fallen decided to remove the BT Tower and replace it with the Torre de Collserola from Barcelona, then blow it up…


Who knew?!

Forgetting the history of Unix is coding us into a corner

Thumb Up

…and let’s not forget Domain/OS…

…some of which was written in Pascal, with its BSD and SysV personalities. Quite a distance from Unix but surprisingly familiar, easy to integrate, all the usual development tools and more, native windowing and X, //, DCE, UUID, NCS, etc.

ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain to do the same job as 192.168.x.x

Thumb Up

djb to the rescue

I’m a fan of the internal tld advice offered here:


which, I had forgotten, also suggests .internal

— Shazza LeSRV —

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops


Linux Wars

Not far from here…


and everyone is still looking for that competitive advantage, by implementing their own unique twist which is usually some form of bait and switch.

— Shazzam du Pan —

Wait, security courses aren't a requirement to graduate with a computer science degree?


Drive awareness

I support this sentiment, and suggest that driving awareness of issues should begin with an understanding of the consequences and risks associated with actions. CompSci doesn’t sit alone, disconnected in murky pond. Decisions have consequences and those consequences can lead to frustration, error or worse.

Isn’t that worth teaching?

Artificial intelligence is a liability


Fit for purpose?

Are these replacements governed by continuous assessment, exams, interviews, cv’s whilst noting their ability to emit garbage?

Crap in ==> crap out

— Shaza DuLala —

Programmable or 'purpose-bound' money is coming, probably as a feature in central bank digital currencies


Another great idea from…

…from the people who brought you regular monetary system collapse, years of misery and excess inflation, worthless mortgages and homelessness.

The only instruments here are the tools that tells us that this is good, when it’s clearly only good for them.

As Nan might say, What a f*kin’ nightmare, and, Where are the f*kin’ regulators, and, Who gave these f*kers permission to f*k things up? Don’t worry, rhetorical.

As Karen might say: https://youtu.be/gM8vOcxatsI

— Shazzam Napalm DuPan —

To BCC or not to BCC – that is the question data watchdog wants answered


Free as in free-to-make-mistakes

When the economic value of critical infrastructure approaches negligible, whilst the functional value remains high, often due to the apparent simplicity of the tools, there are no incentives to provide training, investment in fundamental, incrementally small improvements so we’ll continue to languish in this mess of our own making.

Or we could do something about it. gov.uk, time to take the lead?

—Shazza DuPrés —

Suffering from tab overload? Vivaldi unveils Session Panels


Re: So now we have "Nested Tabs"

Trust the sarcasm…

Users aren’t great at decision-making, so as the options increase, the decisions become more random.

Session? Yeah, my non-tech friends know what those are. Just like they know what passkeys, FIDO, SSO (or was that meant to be SSL? Who knows!), SSD, SSM, SAS, SAAS, SOS, etc, are. Some of my tech friends might have a problem with many of these, too.

What a mess.

But Im sure it’s Made with heart-emoji, so that’s great.

— Shaza DuPunk —

Britain's Ministry of Defence fined £350K over Afghan interpreter BCC email blunder


A crazy new idea?!

Here’s a suggestion.

Make BCC the default when sending. Always.


(What The ***!!! Are we allowed to do that?! Sí…)

— Shazza ‘Postman Pat’ DuPont —

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI



I think you misspelled ’em’


Ofcom proposes ban on UK telcos making 'inflation-linked' price hikes mid-contract


Enrichment at any cost…

What hope do we have to thwart scammers, phising and candlelighting when the gatekeepers are at it too, pushing, squeezing, wringing. They can’t be trusted so we have impotent regulators. We’re alone, unsupported and are being sold and resold.


Who remains to listen and act on complaints when any semblance of support has been eroded by years of deceit, shrouded in warm nostalgic advertising drivel that has come to define the cultural backdrop of civilisation.

What an embarrassing mess.

— Shaz Dubois —

Google's Project Ellman: Merging photo and search data to create digital twin chatbot

Big Brother

Rearrange this, Gemini…

desperation of reeks

Are the product managers asking Gemini/GPTx/My5yo for new product ideas to see what gains traction on a/b testing of responses to their press releases?


Google teases AlphaCode 2 – a code-generating AI revamped with Gemini


The brute-force Monkey Method…

“AlphaCode 2 also operates very differently from biological programmers. Given a problem, it generates about a million different code samples, which are then filtered down.”

…so that’ll be the brute-force monkey method?

That isn’t to say it’s a bad idea, but clarity of approach and results shouldn’t be made at the expense of marketing and competitive business requirements, surely. Wool, eyes, pulling over, etc…

I prefer to know what they’re selling.

— Shazelle DuPont —

AI offers some novel crystal materials that could form future chips, batteries, more


The DeepMind LuckyBag approach

We’re all for using computers to gain advantage and insight and to offer some guidance and comparison on the suitability of different options, especially when there are limitless possibilities. DeepMind, known internally as WheatAndChaff, does what a computer does, and is no doubt using more or less the same techniques as it does for the protein folding lucky bag. Can’t wait for DeepMind to offer suggestions for press releases regarding the use of computers to do some statistics work.

— Shaza DuPont —