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Regulator says stranger entered hospital, treated a patient, took a document ... then vanished


Re: Scottish health care

don’t you have a tory to vote for?

Microsoft dials back Bing after users manage to recreate Disney logo in fake AI-generated images


Re: Hmm.

Governments are at least nominally responsible to the people they represent. A corporation represents only its shareholders.

However, there are more options than corporations and state ownership. It's not a binary choice, here.

Google Drive misplaces months' worth of customer files


You are quite correct but tbh they do sell these services like they are a backup in and of themselves, especially on the consumer side.


Remembering a poster I saw in an anarchist coffee shop:

“It’s not ‘the cloud’, it’s someone else’s computer”

Taxing times: UK missed out on £1.75B because of digitization delays


Re: hmm

only if you assume the economy won’t grow and your currency won’t inflate

German budget woes threaten chip fab funding for Intel and TSMC


Re: Debt brake released

Repeat after me: You don’t run a country like a business or household.

Debt as an absolute value is meaningless. Debt as a proportion - of current income, future income, and as affected by inflation, is meaningful.

Honestly the number of middle class professionals who are knowledgeable in some technical area who furrow their brows and nod along when someone starts talking nonsense about economics is concerning considering we nominally live in a democracy. Dunning-kruger’d into bad policy.