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IT contractors aghast as FSA evicts self-cert mortgages

Paul Schofield

What is more worrying

Is that in the same set of proposed changes, the FSA seem to think that delving deeper into a potential borrowers personal spending is needed, including how much you spend on alcohol.....

Yes a shakeup to the system is needed to reduce stupid lending, but there is a point that can be passed....

Gov demand for Governator to terminate PunterNet

Paul Schofield

Lots of nice free publicity for PunterNet then

I guess they need to upgrade their hosting package.....

German cops impound motorised beer crate

Paul Schofield

Odds on??

Who thinks there are good odds that that thing is now getting serious 'Investigation" out the back of the polizei bunker???

It does look a lot of fun.....

Dell Perot deal sparks insider dealing charges

Paul Schofield

Have I been working too hard????

Or am I the only one that read that headline as

Dead Parrot Deal etc etc etc

Nuff said

Coat please... the one with Norweigian Blue plumage

Cracks show in music industry over P2P enforcement

Paul Schofield

@ not fred31

I think the article would read something like this...

Latest Research from the Ministry of the Bleedin Obvious.

gibbon food-fights more intelligent than internet comments.....

I'll get my coat

Exploding iPhone total rises as Oz officials probe alleged fakes

Paul Schofield

But done Million to One chances

Happen 9 times out of 10???

Blazing laptop of death claims one

Paul Schofield

@ Charlie Barnes re: Advent by any chance?

Nope.... we dont get Advent here in the Great White North, even DSG hasnt managed to get their fingers in over here.

Still undergoing therapy from repairing Advents 12 years ago....

Beer..... cos well its that time aint it????

US broadband speeds 15 years behind South Korea

Paul Schofield

@ Jesse Dorland

Ah yes, Rogers and their 'Fees' or should that be extortion.

what is already an overpriced package just gets bloated with System Access Fees...911 Fee, Fee for charging you Fees.... etc etc etc.

Hell, they even tried to charge me for $100 for changing to a more expensive data plan on my cellphone... without telling me at the time, just tagged it onto my next bill.

Worst thing is the competition is no better.

Amazon limits PS3 Slim sales

Paul Schofield

How will they know

"Nope, because Amazon stressed that failure to comply with its one per household rule will result in cancellation of all outstanding orders and account closure"

errr how will they know??? If I really wanted to buy 2 PS3's I could buy one, delivered to my home address using my amazon account fred.bloggs@myisp.com and me personal credit card, then buy another delivered to my work using a second amazon account fred.bloggs@mywork.com and my work credit card (assuming that is allowed by work of course, or maybe I own the company) How are they to know? Are they gonna penalise me for there being 2 Fred Blogg's in the world? Or do the new PS3's come with Big Brother tracking and alert the overlords if the proximity to another PS3 is too close.....

Blackpool acts to avoid fall of Pericles

Paul Schofield

Re: Eh?

To quote Pratchett...

'Special rate for government jobs,' the dwarf muttered.

'Oh, but I wouldn't dream of paying any less that other customers,' said the Patrician.

'I wasn't going to charge you less that-'

Fifth time not a charm for Endeavour liftoff

Paul Schofield


Why dont they just arrange to launch the shuttle 6 weeks late in the first place.....

Hurt yourself? Try f**king swearing

Paul Schofield
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The ultimate guide to swearing


Apple iPhone 3GS

Paul Schofield

Bargain Pricing...

Rogers here in Canada makes O2 look like a bargain...

$299 for a 32Gb Iphone on a 3 year contract plus at least $55 a month (150 weekday minutes, unlimited evenings (after 9pm) and weekends, 1000 txt messages, 6Gb of data) plus all the little extras they charge you that isnt included in the plan price......

Robosub prowls Pacific's hadal depths

Paul Schofield

@BOBSta re Measurements

Football pitches are a measure of area.... but in more realistic terms 10,902 metres is:

77871.4286 Linguine

1182.5578 Double-Decker buses

78.8371 Brontosaurus

Murky world of recruitment gets DoJ probe

Paul Schofield

@AC 17:19 re: Non-compete clause

But dont CGI have their fingers in sooo many pies here in Canada that pretty much any IT related job could be classed as being for a competitor or client... would love to see them try...

Quasar scrutineers use entire galaxy as telescope lens

Paul Schofield

I for one...

Welcome our new gravitationally lensed overlords, regardless of how distorted they may be.

Coat....Door.... Pub

Boffins crack secret of dolphins' aquatic prowess

Paul Schofield

@ AC - Dolphins

... is there anything they can't do?

errrr...... Fire......

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

Paul Schofield

@ High Altitude

I couldnt agree more.... Canadians seem very receptive and appreciative of a good Yorkshire Pud.

But what I wouldnt do for a good unadulterated proper banger. None of this maple syrup or chilli shite in them. Why do they have to mess about with stuff here? I would also love a good pint of green top milk (remember that????) but thats illegal in Ontario.... and when I buy cream, I want it to say Ingredients: Cream. not the list of other stuff it has here......

@ Rob...

Why would we need to be there....we know it is so good having been there, so we decided to spread the good word and educate all you heathen non yorkshiremen.....

A true yorkshireman doesnt need to get his coat, as thats for southern nancys. And anyway, the world moves around a yorkshireman.....

Paul Schofield

Theres yer problem....

I see 2 fundamental problems in his approach....and they are both summed up in his first sentence:

"I use batter mix that I pick up on my trips back to Blighty and my mum's old Pyrex dish"

As previously noted - Bloody Pyrex!!!! you cook yorkshires in a nice thin tin that is reserved only for making that food of the gods of Yorkshire......

Secondly (and I am suprised no other bloody minded yorkshire git has picked up on this) Effing Batter Effing Mix???? Who uses mix to make a dish that is Eggs, Flour, Salt and Milk??? Come On.......

Yorkshire pudding batter is gut feeling.... a Yorkshireman KNOWS when it is right.... get the fat hot, keep the door closed....and never will a floppy pudding appear again....

Bringing a little piece of Yorkshire to Canada....and never have a problem getting my puds up.......

Farmers demand 'special' climate deal for flatulent cattle

Paul Schofield

I remember seeing a billboard

I think it was Saskatchewan......said something along the lines of......

We have room for all God's creatures....

Right next to the potatoes and vegetables.

Grabbing coat and outta here.......

Paul Schofield
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re: Cattle farmers wanting to do their part should plant wheat instead of raising cattle

You show me dead wheat that tastes as good as dead cow and maybe you might have a very small point.......

iPhone beer maker sues Carling over virtual suds

Paul Schofield

Whats the point?

I mean... come on.... Virtual Beer????? Why would you want to pretend to drink beer.... well then again it was ripped off by a well known peddler of Canoe beer*.......

Didnt bring a coat today... I'll just head to the pub.....

* Like making love in a canoe - F$*king close to water....

El Reg drops in on Bletchley Park

Paul Schofield

How about an unofficial El Reg Readership whipround....

A couple of quid each to a paypal account with no personal details...to be then donated to Bletchley Park as a gesture from the unwashed masses that read this fine organ......

When will VMware be bigger than EMC?

Paul Schofield

I get it....

We use VMWare extensively in our organisation, the key is careful selection of what is to be virtualised.

VMWare player is a neat little toy, as is VMWare server. It is the ESX Server product that carries the advantage to the Enterprise IT.

Of course virtualisation will not save legitimately licensed organisations money on licenses. Nothing will if you want to remain legitimately licensed. Nor will it save money on systems admin, at the end of the day if you have the systems, regardless of format they still need administering.

We see significant hardware savings though, for example:

Looking at an enterprise server fleet, you will see that a lot of server hardware vastly exceeds the requirements of the application. This leads to a lot of unused capability in the data centre.

Lets say the average hardware cost of a 1u branded server to be $7k

For a good ESX host, you need a good robust multi core multi CPU lots of RAM server, lets say around $35k

We find that by careful selection of our virtualisation candidates, we can get one of these ESX hosts to run around 20 Virtual machines without getting too stressed. Essentially replacing 20 $7k boxes with 1 $35k box. Or in other words a hardware saving of $105k. Admittedly shared storage (Netapp or similar) and the VMWare licensing will eat in to that a little, but you still see an impressive saving.

Furthermore when you start to cluster your ESX hosts, you also add in a high availibility component. Store the virtual machines on a SAN, and they are accessible from any configured ESX host in the cluster. In the event of a hardware failure, or high resource utilisation, the VM's can be migrated to another host with a few seconds downtime.

Thats not even covering speed of deployment for new servers and the advantages for test and development environments.

The main point I am trying to make is that virtualisation does represent considerable cost savings for Enterprise IT - If it is deployed and utilised correctly. It is not the Swiss Army Knife that is going to fix everything, but like any other tool with correct applicaiton it can make life easier.


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