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Cybercriminals are stealing iOS users' face scans to break into mobile banking accounts

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Re: Facial recognition

If you run out of fingers, I've heard some people have had their toes transplanted in their place.

20 breaches. That's all we're good for. Throw in your face as a bonus and you get 21.

Two years on, 1 in 4 apps still vulnerable to Log4Shell

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Re: Tip of the iceberg

Unfortunately the additional layers of law and litigation will only make it prohibitively more expensive to start up, or run a small business.

And likely do little to curb the greed of IT illiterate shareholders. And in large enough organisational structures, there's a limit to how much you can hold higher ups to account where a single mistake or omission may have been made by the boots on the ground.

But I do agree with the sentiment that something must be done, I just don't think law alone is the best way to do it. Just look at all the GDPR non-compliant cookie implementations about...

We challenged you to come up with tech predictions for 2024 (wrong answers only) – here are some favorites so far

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If we were to truly go above and beyond in nit picking, the technically correct use of Lego is LEGO in all caps, or LEGO™ or LEGO®

And is only ever an adjective, not a noun, if the company had its way.

I'll happily take the down votes on the chin for being an ass in my first sentence. But hold my opinion that language is not a static affair and evolves over time; policing it to this extent, in my opinion, is a waste of time.

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Up voted to adjust for irrelevant pedantry.

Regarding the made up convention on the plurality of 'lego' - which brings to mind the old debate surrounding GIF - keeping track of the general inconsistency of the English language becomes a tired charade in edge cases such as lego, although at least there is precedent for the singular matching the plural in idiosyncratic ways (moose/moose vs goose/geese).

My opinion stands that there is not enough time in the world to care about these kinds of grammatical and phonetic exceptions. It is, after all, pronounced GIF.

Bank's datacenter died after travelling back in time to 1970

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Re: Yearly tasks....

At this point in time with tech more important than ever, and only ever more complicated, it's a must for any business which loses more than a few £ per hour due to outages.

For all those reasons, we've just gone through the process at our company of deploying calendars in Asana for each department, scheduling monthly/quarterly/yearly tasks that are easily forgotten and must be done. Then pulling all of them up into a company-level one overseen by the Ops Director through some small automated rules.

AWS rakes in half a billion pounds from UK Home Office

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Taking All Bets

1:10 odds for the actual cost will be the contract value

2:5 odds that the cost will overrun

1:2 odds that the cost will be at least double the initial contract value

Attack on direct debit provider London & Zurich leaves customers with 6-figure backlogs

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BC Planning

So you're saying a company delivering important services in a highly regulated sector failed to set and test appropriate RTO and RPOs for critical systems.

I mean... They probably did, but clearly the testing didn't cover this scenario properly.

When are people going to learn to do the basics properly (except after it bites them in the ass)?