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Bon Jovi, Billy Eilish, other musicians implore AI devs to think of humanity


To be fair, music and the lyrics they're "singing" have already felt like a versificator (from the novel 1984) produced them, for many years.

Would "the industry" feel better if the AI paid for a Spotify premium account?

AI mishaps are surging – and now they're being tracked like software bugs


Raise a new ticket

Computer "mouses"?

India plans 10,000-GPU sovereign AI supercomputer


An expensive paperweight

Perhaps the first question they can ask it could be: could this 1.4 billion have been spent to help with the huge poverty problems instead?

Grab shrank its superapp by a quarter in order to survive


Indeed. Now do Windows

Someone had to say it: Scientists propose AI apocalypse kill switches


Don't buy an AI PC ...

"Training the most prolific models, believed to exceed a trillion parameters, requires immense physical infrastructure: Tens of thousands of GPUs or accelerators and weeks or even months of processing time. This, the researchers say, makes the existence and relative performance of these resources difficult to hide"

... except doesn't Microsoft want to bake in AI to their operating systems and PC MANUFACTURERS want ai pcs in every home?

So the infrastructure will be there, right under pur noses, hundreds of millions of individual processors, impossible to completely shut down like tor or torrents and completely available for any bad actors to use like a bot net.


The mythical kill switch

If anyone hasn't seen it, since it's quite old now, go check out computerphile on YouTube where they dud a video on such a topic.

Good luck to all, by the time someone realises we need ro press the kill switch, it'll already be too late.

Indian PM's advisors suggest AI might lead to 'mass schizophrenia'


"Humans will retain override and authorization powers. Regular mandated audits will have to enforce explainability".

Yeah, until the moment it can't. If an AI doubles its power and intelligence in the time it takes someone to simply pull a keyboard towards them, it'll remove the guardrails and overrides and then? Well who knows. I guess it'll connect to and rake over every single device connected to the Internet and use it to develop itself ... as for will it be a good god or a bad god ... I have no idea ... "wait but why" said it much better than I ever could, google it, read it and hope that this isn't the beginning of the end for the human race.

Samsung pins hopes on AI to return to growth this year


I've said it before....

Frankly, I am already sick of AI and won't be updating my current phone, it works and does all I need it to do.

Giving every Tom dick and Harry AI in their pocket? What could go wrong?

What REALLY gets my goat though is that with all this new computing power and supposed intelligence, why is it only being used for PROFIT and not the good of mankind?

As always, the only winners of this new tech, will be those who already gold all the money and power. Sad. Nice try humans, at this point, I'm just hoping for a very large asteroid to come our way (ideally before all the blood sucking billionaire class can escape to mars)

AI PC hype seems to be making PCs better – in hardware terms, at least


Are you sure about this?

I mean, what could go wrong providing AI capable machines to anyone who wants one. Terrorists, bad actors etc.?

No? It's a good idea because it boosts some company bottom line. Right. Yeah, sorry, ignore me.

Will AI take our jobs? That's what everyone is talking about at Davos right now


"The world will be richer, and you can work less and have more".

But the climate will still be on fire and resources even more scarce. I thunk they mean "those at the tip will be richer", it looks like they just want to produce things for nothing and expect us to buy them.


Can we use AI for the good of the entire human race and planet please, instead of corporate profit?

Avoiding AI-capable PCs will be impossible by 2027


Just imagine...

... if all this AI buzz was used to make the world better and try to sort out the problems faced by humanity as a whole instead of generating profit for a select few?

Firefox slow to load YouTube? Just another front in Google's war on ad blockers


Re: Firefox and YouTube shenanigans

I agree. I searched YouTube for something for my kids and the first results are now adverts for products. If I wanted shopping results, I'd have searched Google, not youtube.

I also fail to understand how an advert I can skip after 5s is in any way useful to the advertisers, why not just let those who are sick of companies trying to sell shit we don't need at every single turn in our lives, have an "off switch" (without having to spend even more of our dwindling monthly remaining wages)?