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Beijing signals it may let Micron out of the penalty box in the Middle Kingdom


The simulation has been run with the following results for each player:


Payoff: 3737

Relational Capital: 57

Strength of Relation: 1 (indicating strong relationship between the USA and other nations)


Payoff: 1565

Relational Capital: 23

Strength of Relation: 0.0357 (indicating a high level of suspicion and thus a weaker relation between China and other nations)

The other players (Players 3 to 13) have varying payoffs, relational capitals, and strengths of relation, indicating differing levels of suspicion and relational strength. It's clear from these results that the relational dynamics vary widely across the network, with the USA having the strongest relationships due to a lack of suspicion, while China has incurred some suspicion, likely due to instances of false cooperation.

Player 7 (Russia) has a payoff of 452, but a relational capital of -120, indicating negative relations with other players, matched by a high suspicion level of 120.

Players 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 13 all maintain positive relational capital and have no suspicion.

This simulation provides an abstract representation of how relational dynamics might play out in an international context, with "payoff" perhaps representing economic or diplomatic gains, "relational capital" reflecting the strength of bilateral relationships, and "suspicion level" inversely related to trust.