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eBay hands badges to top-rated sellers

Karl Rasmusson

No title!

I'm surprised there are any small sellers left after eBay's ongoing attempts to get rid of them with their idiot CEO's changes. I left eBay Australia early 2008, couldn't stand it any more, every single change was either anti-seller or more-money-for-greedy-eBay or both. eBay could write the textbook on how to alienate customers to the point where they leave.

McAfee: Save the planet - use a spam filter

Karl Rasmusson

Utter nonsense

Is McAfee serious, or have you published an April Fool's Day story a couple of weeks late?

How pray tell, does the spammer turn on PC's to do this? FFS, the PC is already on and consuming power!

McAfee has obviously learned from the social engineering tricks of the spammers, mixed global warming and spam, and produced "believable" crap.

eBay looks to flog useless stuff

Karl Rasmusson

They should sell that idiot Donohue.

If they get anything for him, it'll be worth offloading that moron and his "we hate our sellers" mantra.

Intel to present 32nm chip while AMD shows off 22nm part

Karl Rasmusson

a square micrometres is an area not a density

The title says it all... describing square micrometers as a density is like calling litres a weight.

I guess describing units of measure accurately is just another thing that's become unimportant...

ITV gets adverts into video

Karl Rasmusson

ITV writing the appendix...

... for eBay's "How to Piss Off Your Customers So Much That They Leave" book...

Bloody TV spammers... if they think ads are so welcome, why not ditch the programs altogether and show ads 24/7.

Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme

Karl Rasmusson

Who owns Skype & PayPal?

Look at the owner of the 2 companies for the reason why they do nothing and don't respond.

It's the typical eBay response... do nothing and say nothing...

ICANN backs auction of disputed domains

Karl Rasmusson

Anything to ignore their renegade spammer-friendly registrars

They should be renamed ICANNOT, for their pathetic do-nothing attitude to dealing with their spammer-friendly registrars, especially the Chinese ones, who register millions of spammer domains, breaking both their own and ICANN's T & C, and do nothing to suspend them despite thousands of complaints.

ICANN is probably still buried in its bureaucratic quagmire and busy (?) writing a discussion paper on formulating a working party to bring together a committee to think about appointing a group to manage a new section to appoint a third-party to oversee...

Meanwhile the spammers continue to fill our in-boxes full of crap... thanks ICANN!

Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment

Karl Rasmusson
Thumb Down

What Gall!

And you had the gall to bleat about the INQ's spammer suicide story?

You're as bad as each other... two less sites to bother with now.

I remember the heady days when the Reg actually bothered with news...

eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

Karl Rasmusson

Let's not forget...

the PayPal-only fiasco that eBay are still trying to force on Australians despite the ACCC saying NO in a draft ruling. But of course, eBay true to form, are disagreeing with everyone. They're right and everyone else (as usual, labelled 'the vocal minority' by eBay) are wrong.

Thousands of Aussie sellers and buyers, sick of eBay doing everything they can to alienate them, are leaving this arrogant company and it's evil sidekick PayPal.

In a couple of years, I bet 'eBay' gets added to the dictionary as a verb, meaning to hate one's customers. and 'to Paypal' will mean 'ripping off with extortionate fees, in the guise of being safer and more secure.' :-)

Outsiders get a crack at eBay's Selling Manager

Karl Rasmusson

eBay is a 4 letter word in Australia

I'm astonished... eBay actually thinking that someone else can do a better job than themselves.

What happened to eBay's god-complex? The one where any individuals, organisations, banks, national consumer organisations, governments... that disagree with them are just labelled 'vocal minorities'.

There is a deep hatred of eBay and PayPal in Oz because of their idiotic PayPal-only attempts and unfair feedback changes described in an earlier comment.

They'll be lucky to survive unscathed, and good riddance to the greedy customer-hating bastards. They've reached the heights they have only because they're standing on the corpses of the many sellers and buyers that they've so deeply betrayed and badly mistreated!

'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it

Karl Rasmusson

PayPal mandatory soon with eBay auctions

And the eBay clowns are shortly going to force eBay Australia sellers and buyers to use PayPal only, because it's safer, more secure, (and the main reason that eBay never mentions, the additional PayPal fees will make more $ for eBay when the buyer pays).

Comcast busted for bagging BitTorrents (again)

Karl Rasmusson

A pity...

It's a pity that "Spamcast" doesn't take as seriously the issue of bots on their network sending spam, hosting spammers websites, launching DDoS attacks, and acting as nameservers for spammer web sites. But I guess there's no money in it for them to do so...

The balkanization of Storm Worm botnets

Karl Rasmusson

Switch the US off too?

Switch off Asia and Eastern Europe?

An analysis done by an associate has shown that the country with the greatest proportion of bots hosting spammer sites is the U.S. Should we switch them off too mate? See here...


BTW not everyone in Asia is a dishonest bastard (as you implied)!

eBay forum mysteriously leaks account details on 1,200 users

Karl Rasmusson

eBay is perfect (not)

Gee, eBay denies any security issues with their site.

What a surprise!!! Well not to those of use who have tried to help eBay by pointing out problems.

Like something out of "Yes Minister"...

Phase 1: Denial - "There is no problem"

Phase 2: Argumentum ad numerum - "Can't be an issue because no one else has reported it" (except for the 100's in eBay's own support forums)

Phase 3: the infamous eBay "wall of silence" - no response to further reports.


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