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Warren Buffett voices AI fears, likens tech to atom bomb


He's not wrong!

I agree AI is as big and as dangerous a development as nuclear power and like that it can go either way. But ... you cannot stop development so better make sure we stay in control.

AI boom is great news for the nuclear power dreamers


We had better find some new sources of Uranium then. We seem to be having problems with many of the sources. A lot of them may end up on the BRICS side of the world. https://world-nuclear.org/information-library/nuclear-fuel-cycle/mining-of-uranium/world-uranium-mining-production

Small, local reactors would seem a good answer to generation problems (without any idea of cost) as they could provide a more localised supply which could be huge benefit in unstable times. And we need a lot more generation and distribution if we seriously want electric vehicles - even though I don't think they are the panacea they are claimed to be.

VMware by Broadcom blinks again – this time easing change for cloud service providers


The perception to an outsider is of change with insufficient regard for the customer. It won't bode well for Vmware. There are lots of alternatives now and many customers regard it (probably unfairly) as old hat. How many new developments target VM as the primary platform? Everywhere I look it's containers, containers. Broadcom seem in a hurry - did they pay too much and now have a problem? Have they given a strategy that is logical? Can't help thinking if I was a big Vmware customer I would be accelerating my plans to move away.

Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone?


Doing it for years

I've been using secondhand phones for years. Only problem is tired batteries on some. Most work fine.

Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account



Come on Mr Musk, if you're the techie you present yourself as, Linux would be no problem for you.

(Except secret stuff in Office formats ... damn!)

ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense in 'unexpected responses' shocker


GPT ramblings

Well I noticed recently, while trying to use it to help me configure ELK, the responses were rambling and longer than necessary. But were still on subject and errors were those expected due to different approaches based on different releases etc. I'd ask a simple do I need to do X and would get 2 page responses!

Cops turn LockBit ransomware gang's countdown timers against them



Good to see the NCA has a sense of irony. Excellent work.

Your ex isn't the only one stalking your social media posts. The Feds are, too


It's the users

If I thought for one moment this would be used reasonably it would be fine, but you know it won't.

So, legal visitors get tracked and the million or so that were helped to enter illegally are ok? Will I now be unable to visit the US for this criticism?

Things are getting crazy. IT is putting too much power in the hands of the state.

SEC boss warns it's 'nearly unavoidable' that AI will cause financial crash


QE anyone

There I was thinking the approaching collapse was due to massive quantitative easing, the huge debts, covid measures and general economic mismanagement. Phew, it's not the governments, it's techies with their new fangled AI.

Britcoin or Britcon? Bank of England grilled on Digital Pound privacy concerns


Re: It is all about control during the next Covid crisis...

I'm sorry for your loss. I think if you look into this you will find those "medications" were anything but safe and effective but that is suppressed. None the less the data is out there, much obtained through FOI. Prosecutions look to be starting in the US, but a lot of forces are arranged against them. The government and media is not going to tell you about it. They screwed up big time. All great civilisations seem to go through a period of corruption as they decline - I think that is what we are seeing.

For the record, my mother died of a virus way before convid. She was frail, the hospital couldn't even be bothered to find what it was. The state wants maximum control. This has been known for centuries.


Re: whatever it is that Parliament has decided is the right boundary for privacy

What if gold, silver and copper became legal tender again? As well as backing paper and digital which can be exchanged for the metals.

So merchants would have to take cash that is money and represents money. Mostly people would use the digital representations of course.


Re: No thanks

Cash in the bank belongs to the bank.


Re: "... where the government can basically determine what you look at, what you're spending ..."

Yes but it's much, much harder. They can't suddenly let AI loose and tell it to find and block all accounts for people like us questioning their actions on social media. Which it won't even get right because they'll have trained it on a bureaucratic narrative instead of carefully constructed logic. I don't know how aware people are of the control imposed via pressure on tech and social media during that medical panic we had a couple of years ago - and it is still continuing. Witness the bank account closures, especially in Canada. How dare you protest - we'll starve you out!


Re: @jmch

Gold. Recently made a tier 1 currency alongside the dollar. Why?

I think Gordon Brown sold most of ours trying to prop up his government. A criminal act IMHO as it was OUR gold not belonging to any one party.

Gold was a good basis for a currency because it's hard to get more of it. A principle Bitcoin followed.


Re: @jmch

Invalidating paper currency, I hesitate to say money, (at the moment) is a widespread action and can't be targeted. Hence, much harder without causing mass civil disruption.