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Drive-thru drive-by at McDs after ice cream no-show, say cops

Mr Fuzzy

Re: McDonalds, a firearm, and you call it a boot?

It's perfectly reasonable for a UK based publication to use British terms.

By the way, in the colder months my head is sometimes under a hood.

Virgin Media router security flap follows weak password expose

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Use your own equipment

Not everybody has a full range of ISP options available. Complexes.

Mr Fuzzy

If you were to be terribly naughty like that at least you'd find that they tend to grumble when Reaver is waved at them. A horrifying number of others don't.

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners

Mr Fuzzy

You appear to be doing the thing you're complaining about.

Verizon fingered in Android bloatware-for-cash cram scandal

Mr Fuzzy

Re: As long as it is removable

Sod the warranty. If the thing is munged enough that it has to go back without being able to revert to stock it's munged enough that nobody is going to be in a position to peer at the state of the firmware.

Storm in a teacup: Wileyfox does Android cheapie, British style

Mr Fuzzy

Battery life

Mine arrived this morning and the standby power use was baffling at first.

It turns out that things improve a great deal if you're rooted and can change the governer from interactive to something more reasonable and drop the minimum processor speed from the insane 900MHz it's pegged at by default.

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Congratulations!

@ GitMeMyShootinIrons

"The NHS is a wonderful, but flawed ideal that is based upon a myth of being "free" and yet consumes (tax payers) money like a Hoover, while offering services well beyond its remit (boob job anyone?)."

Like reductions to prevent a life of crippling back pain or reconstruction after a mastectomy?

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Pyhrric victory

@The Axe

People are emotionally disturbed if they have political views that don't line up with yours?

Wind your neck in.

Scrapheap challenge: How Amazon and Google are dumbing down the gogglebox

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Its not smart to buy a smart TV

Give or take the murder of the old YouTube and the more recent versions no longer having the ability to pair.

Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue

Mr Fuzzy

Time to dig through the old issues of 2600

Apparently we're not allowed to use the site to encourage phreaking.

You have to wonder who thought there might be a chance of a shady group plotting to use the site for an athletic event to cause others to misuse a PSTN.

Philae comet probe got down without harpoons

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Bah!

Despite? So-called? Scientists?

You might find a few engineers taking exception there, what with the machine managing to perform even though it was multiply knackered after many years in a brutally harsh environment.

Dungeons & Dragons relaunches with 'freemium' version 5.0

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Anyone remember Dragon Warriors?

Criminy, it's a long time since I've played Amber.

I fondly remember being a wrong'un in that and running a tobacco empire on the back of enslaved hobbits.

Facebook: Yes, we made you SAD on PURPOSE... for your own good

Mr Fuzzy

While I may agree with many of your points,

Could people please lay off with the "sheep," or "sheeple," thing?

It's hackneyed to the point of uselessness, comes off as smug and superior, and turns away the very people you might hope to sway.

Help. Mailing blacklists...

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Don't

Ah, yes. Increasing the complexity of the system is always the answer.

Drink me: Adobe pours Flash Player bug squash

Mr Fuzzy

A better option than a new flash for mobile would be for people to just stop using it on their sites.*

*This comment comes with a free significant look directed at the masthead.

USB reversible cables could become standard sooner than you think

Mr Fuzzy


On a bad day, when using a rear port blind, there can easily be as many as five incorrect orientations. Usually accompanied by wailing, gnashing of teeth, crunching of bones from being hideously contorted, and the suspicion that you had a previous incarnation as the sort of person described as a monster in history books.

Mine's the one with one sleeve ripped by repeated attempts to get a leg down it.

Two guilty over 'menacing' tweets to feminist campaigner

Mr Fuzzy

You have to wonder...

About anybody more annoyed about the pictures on a banknote than why they're all accumulating in the same few pockets.

About anybody sufficiently annoyed about someone getting a long dead author printed on a banknote that they'll send hair raising threats rather than being angry about them all accumulating in the same few pockets.

Yes, the BBC still uses FTP. And yes, a Russian crook hacked the server

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Siemens: To be fair...

It's pretty safe to say that the BBC have enormous amounts of personal data.

Given the prevalence of password reuse, they hold plenty of concern even if you only think in terms of email/password pairs. That said, I do see your point. Anybody with best practices in mind when watching “World's Craziest Fools," is fine.

*nips off to change some passwords*

HTC: Shipping Android updates is harder than you think – here's why

Mr Fuzzy

The real biggest holdup

I don't care what device you have, someone will decide they want to build the new version at home. The real problem is chip manufacturers deciding that you have to be in their special club to get the datasheet for a device you bloody own.

This nonsense of commercial non disclosure agreements for how to operate your own hardware strikes me as adding costs to absolutely everybody involved.

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block

Mr Fuzzy

Well. The whole sorry affair seems rather more socially corrosive than a spot of smut.

'Disruptive, irritating' in-flight cellphone call ban mulled by US Senate

Mr Fuzzy

Quick, inappropriately enshrine some more things in law!

No farting on the bus. No belching in the pub.

Has a megajoule glare from a purse-mouthed old woman lost all power?

Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine

Mr Fuzzy


It's probably worth mentioning that you get better results with a monster battery - the heating coil is a hell of a draw on a poor little lithium ion cell. Using a comically oversized battery well give more consistent results, as they are less prone to sagging as you draw.

I use a Protank on a highly suspect small cigar tin stuffed with parts salvaged from bits of old broken tech. It draws a surprising number of positive comments in pubs.

Dark horse shocker: Verizon first to ship KitKat update for Moto X

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Haters hate...

But only if you use US English as the system language. Nobody else is deemed worthy of shouting at a device without jabbing at it first.

'F-CK YOU GOOGLE+' ukelele missy scoops BIG WAD of $$ - for Google

Mr Fuzzy

Re: I don't get it

Did you really just equate avoiding intrusive advertising to actual theft?!


Berners-Lee: 'Appalling and foolish' NSA spying HELPS CRIMINALS

Mr Fuzzy

Are they high?

I'm pretty sure I just heard the term "junior clerk," used to describe a sysadmin. No wonder they have trouble - treating a chap with dominion over essential systems as a tea boy is likely to go poorly.

Virgin Media suffers growing pains as Cable Cowboy daddy settles in

Mr Fuzzy


Can we take "higher stock-based compensation expense," to mean "we have decided that our stockholders didn't pay attention to Aesop and would rather sacrifice long term gains for a nice crispy goose dinner on Tuesday?"

Mac fans: You don't need Windows to get ripped off in tech support scams

Mr Fuzzy

"No, but your time is obviously worth a lot less than mine..."

Given that you troubled yourself to go AC and make a fool comment on how somebody else entertains themself, I suspect that might be a naughty fib.

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

Mr Fuzzy

Re: The proof is in the....

Er... I'm not sure that's entirely relevant. Estimating required capacity doesn't have a lot to do with the flavour of the downloads.

Texas teen jailed for four months over sarcastic Facebook comment

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Texas ADULT who posted threats about killing school children can't make bail

You do realise that jokes in poor taste and proper satire are not purely the reserve of the young, right?

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Freedom of Speech

To say nothing of satire.

*Points to Swift in the corner.*

'Banner year' for patent lawsuits: Number of cases, awards both up

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Yes please amend

Yup, a shark'll just take your leg. A lawyer will also take your house.

Patriot hacker 'The Jester' attacks nations offering Snowden help

Mr Fuzzy

This is why script kiddie tools are a bad thing -

Ego-fools who haven't yet developed the ability to think critically can use them to swim in the pool that is supposed to be for the grown up boys and girls.

Apple's head bean counter boasts WORLD'S BIGGEST PACKAGE

Mr Fuzzy

What on Earth is the point?

There is absolutely no way I can see that anybody is worth a pay package like that. The only reason to even want that much is the worst sort of greed and egomania.

Make cool shows, make money: Netflix's SHOCKING TV strategy

Mr Fuzzy

Could be worse

Although it's sad to lose a series which still had legs, it's far worse to see something that was good running out of steam.

British bookworms deem Amazon 'evil'

Mr Fuzzy

Re: What sort of cretin buys a Amazon Swindle anyway?

Someone who knows they'll accept mobi files and uses Calibre for library management?

'Close to one in three - sorry, one in eight - SMEs are software pirates'

Mr Fuzzy

Re: Charging for dated broken design is a waste of time with me

Yes, I'd also like the moon on a stick.

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed

Mr Fuzzy

Re: I wonder

" I actually look forward to the day when one of the licence enforcement monkeys turns up at my door so I can tell them to piss off."

You probably won't even need to do that. I pointed them to the obviously analogue only CRT TV connected to a cobbled together media server and they told me they needn't waste any more of my time. It was amusing how quickly they accepted things and left after the doorstep tough guy approach.

First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials

Mr Fuzzy

Re: How can this be viable

Less of a problem than you might think if lots of gas cells are used - imagine jabbing a knitting needle through a roll of bubble wrap.


Mr Fuzzy

"Not that liberal stuff again."

Are you sure that word means what you think it means?

ITU suggests replaceable cables for power supplies

Mr Fuzzy

While they're at it...

How about the other end of the connection? It's a sod of a job to sort out a laptop where someone has used the "Wiggle the cable until it works or something crunches," technique and snapped off a jack directly soldered to the main board. Imagine my joy when I got at the guts of my elderly Tosh laptop the other day and found not only that it was on a tail, but also had a pair of redundant wires.

Only 3% of UK's TV oglers want more sex

Mr Fuzzy

Re: 9pm watershed

I 'd like to point out as a parent of a young teenager that very few kids go to bed so early nowadays.

Well, send them to bed then!

Ten Androids for under 100 quid

Mr Fuzzy

Re: T-mobile Vivacity

Crap? Only if you're taking the same standpoint as someone who drives a high end car and looks down on those in hatchbacks. Given the difference in price versus the difference in performance/features a budget smartphone is an eminently sensible choice for those with a slimmer discretionary wad.

BT and Siemens slammed over prisoner call rates

Mr Fuzzy

To those who are saying "Sod 'em."

Profiteering is profiteering. Why is it fine for any company to rip any consumer off?

Snubbed shareholders slam Atos Origin

Mr Fuzzy

Atos need to...

Get payroll right from time to time. Ah, ATOS Origin, my monthly nemesis.

Sequoia attack dogs kill review into e-voting discrepancies

Mr Fuzzy

Can't help but wonder

How the (spurious) rights of one company can supercede the rights of the citizens of an entire nation to have their votes correctly counted.

Spain cuffs Wi-Fi leeching lottery scammers

Mr Fuzzy

@ Wages of Sin

To be fair that's the sort of scam that can be run in spare time. At a spot over $900/month each that's a pretty good return on what is essentially an evening job.

Spain bows before la blogosfera

Mr Fuzzy


Trust me, you don't have to be Spanish for blogosphere or any derivation to sound pompous or silly. Just look at a selection of self referential 'high profile bloggers' for confirmation of pomposity.

'Tofu' license pits open source against meat

Mr Fuzzy

No animal products eh?

That's organic farmers using manure as fertilizer right out then. Rabid hippie in chemical farming shocker!

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! settle un-American activity claims

Mr Fuzzy
Thumb Down

Funny phrasing

“Honest taxpayers and gambling industry personnel who do follow the law suffer from those who promote illegal online behavior.”

Is it just me or does that seem to have been carefully written to imply that taxpayers who earn their income from working within the gambling industry are not themselves honest when they comply with the law? There does appear to be something of a global trend towards blaming people in generally poorly paid jobs for all the ills of society.

Helicopters: President buys British, Queen buys American

Mr Fuzzy

@laird cummings

To be fair the monarchy of this country is trained from birth to head the military, and I'd suspect that if need be the queen would have no compunction in ordering any action.

Note: Not a monarchist, just pointing out that it's a traditional duty.



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