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National Grid latest UK org to zap Chinese kit from critical infrastructure


Chinese control of our grid connected solar inverters

They will hardly close a hole in their exposure by removing Chinese kit when many of the most popular brands of solar inverter being installed in the UK operate by connecting to Chinese manufacturers cloud systems. They can still mess with our grid by adjusting power settings on the edges of the grid.

Thousands of inverters all adjusting frequency or voltage at the same time will have a big impact on the whole grid. To top that off these cloud systems have details of location, and I am sure the national grid layout is available so taking down a section is as easy as adjusting systems in specific locations and hey presto overloaded critical interchange, bye bye power in targeted area.

China caught – again – with its malware in another nation's power grid


No need for China to infect the UK or other grids, they already have enough power

China already have full ability to damage the UK or other grids where Solar power is popular.

Most Solar inverters are tied back to a Chinese manufacturers cloud platform for command and control.

All they need to do is switch all the solar inverters to the wrong frequency at the same time, or force full power to the grid or numerous other things and the grid would have a very bad day.

And we are adding more and more of these things to the grid daily.