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Apple built custom servers and OS for its AI cloud


Cloud servers...

I'd be surprised if miscreants don't find a way to mine crypto currency on their fancy AI compute malarkey.

Volvo recalls all of its 72K EX30 cars due to software bug that obscures speedometer


Could be worse

I'm not a fan of digital primary instruments but props to Volvo for actually reporting the issue and recalling the vehicles, some other manufacturers whomst will not be named are not quite so responsible

High-flying drones on a leash could blow traditional wind turbines away


It doesn't seem practical but I'd like to see it deployed anyway because I bet it'd look cool as hell.

Nokia demos upper 6 GHz band for mobile, but UK wants it shared with Wi-Fi


All you have to do is lookup weather radar interference to see how successful restricting the 5 Ghz frequency has been (not effective at all).

Just because a piece of paper says its restricted isn't going to stop Steve from using his American phones hotspot or Ivan from screwing with it for giggles.

Expecting allocated spectrum to be free of interference is arrogant at best and if your system be whatever it is, is unable to handle it, that's on the system designer.

Imo it's Boeing and Airbuses fault for designing half arsed radio altimeters that don't have any mitigations or perform sanity checks on the data.


This seems unenforceable imo given that WiFi 6E kit is freely available and will just be set to the US locale by techies looking for extra performance because nobody really cares if their WiFi is technically in violation of something that will be so common ofcom won't be able to police it.

Phone network providers should stick to the lower end of the spectrum, I don't care about high speed Internet standing in the middle of the street, you'd get your phone nicked in most places if you even tried to use it, I'd be more than happy with consistent mediocre speed (1 MBPS) inside shops and on trains.

Say hello to Downfall, another data-leaking security hole in several years of Intel chips


Planned Obsolescence

Part of me wonders if all of these chip vulnerabilities are planned obsolescence to force cloud providers to buy new chips or if its just a happy little accident for Intel/AMD