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Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough

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Gulag Archipelago

Wasn't electronic speech pattern identification the project that Soltzhenitsyn wrote about so inspiringly ?

Astroboffins spot tiniest star yet – we guess you could call it... small fry

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Re: Hmmn.. interesting..

> So one tonne per cubic centimetre? Cool. Could somebody get me a single cubic millimetre, I reckon that would be perfect for a whole range of practical jokes.

Youd have to be quick. Paper: hyperdense quantum nuggets detected in seismograph data


Dirty COW explained: Get a moooo-ve on and patch Linux root hole

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43759 commits behind torvalds:master


This branch is 43759 commits behind torvalds:master. // Latest commit 92c19ea on Apr 29

ok ..

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all

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Re: @ TkH11

> > Which is a nice way of saying "guessing your way to the answer

> Actually, no. It's a nice way of saying "guessing your way to the original question", since the hardest bugs will turn out to be the ones where you were given the wrong spec in the first place and enshrined that in the architecture.

.. which is an excellent case for rapid front-end prototyping (after all, the users won't be seeing the middle tier etc).

So doesn't necessarily excuse the rest of the juju, nor does it necessarily avoid finding out late in the cycle that some major feature should have been approached/architected differently

Russia considers keeping its own half of the ISS alive after 2024

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Re: Why go to the moon?

mining Helium-3 (accumulated from solar wind at lunar poles)

I read some time ago that 'a space-shuttle-ful of He3 would power the world for a year'

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!

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risk management problem.

I can't prove you'll crash your car this evening.

So you should incur the awful cost of wearing a seatbelt ?

The insurance company just present some baffling verbiage about statistics and impact-severity ..

CIOs on the scrapheap - The Register wants your input for vox pop article

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Re: Speaking as a guy who has worn the CIO hat ...

thorazine ?

FAIL - the most incompetent IT pros

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Government. Giant Consulting Company. What could go wrong.

Java 1.4 server, about half a million lines of copy-pasted juju struts mess.

One line stands out head and shoulders above them all:


Linux Foundation: Will it be your friend or foe?

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think of the children


Google search index splits with MapReduce

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I know a guy who was moaning about migrating petabytes in the chocolate factory.

It didn't work smoothly first time .....

15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets

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Murder ?

"if any one should die because of wikifreaks, they should be held responsible for facilitating the murder(s)."

Q 1 : If someone died because of WL - should this info be made public ? ( by who .. ? )

Q 2 : If someone's life was saved by WL - ????

Q 3 : Humans are getting killed in Afghanistan. Stopping the war would (after the inevitable ensuing civil war) result in peace (i.e., few humans being killed).

If WL causes the war to stop, then this would have a large effect on the net number of humans killed. I suppose WL see this as thier aim.

EU gifts Ireland €14.8m after Dell Limerick shutdown

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Friends down there tell me that many of the workers were polish, and limerick staff were invited to apply for jobs in the polish plant.

Seemingly many took up the offer ..

Quanta opens servers to 100-core Tilera

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Absolutely grand for LAMP boxes, tho you'd wonder whether there'd be somewhere to do the mod_ssl and ssh FP in hardware .. reminds me of 486DX ;)

City to Intel: Kick the rest of the tech industry into line

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What do you think *mainframes* are for, anyways?

.. uh .. massive data throughput? running 1000 Xen instances? 5-nines reliabiity? Basically your modern 'PC' etc is designed to crunch numbers on the CPU, with data I/O slapped on as an afterthought. Mainframe-class systems are designed for IO, with number-cruncy accelerators available as drop-in hardware modules, if needed ..

World leaders meet to tackle global warming

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@Jonathan Lane

You're confusing Weather with Climate.

Predictions about whether there'll be a tailback on your commute route tomorrow morning aren't the same kind of predictions as whether there'll be less or more cars on the road ten years from now.

Now; I have some very attractive seaside retirement properties in low-lying countries that I'm sure you'll find most attractive...