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BT's Mayfair exchange downed by burglary



They probally wanted all the metal from the racks, well thats if they took the racks hehe..

cant see them sellnig the equipment in this country tho.

Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations



I work my arse off and still cant really afford to shell out on a ps3, but if i get banged up ill get given one to use..


HP shatters excessive packaging world record


Had similar things from PC world business

Ordered a black ink for an epson deskjet and it came in a similar size box full of bubble wrap.

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline


wait there

the N95 was an iphone killer before the iphone came out, hell even the n80 has more features than the stupid iphone.

I have not had any issues with my n95 at all.

So this new phone cant be an iphone killer as it was dead before it was born..

BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club


blooming airports

They take all liquids off you but then if you do get thirsty in the airport you have no choice but to buy their expensive drinks..

Now im thinking they are using all this security crap to make some money. Surly they could test the liquid you take in, but then how would they make money from the stuff they sell inside?

The 'green' car tax grabs that don't add up



No matter how much tax they put on things like tabacco, alcohol, petrol, car tax people are gonig to pay this because at the end of the day people need their cars, public transport sucks and is so much more expensive. Then after a week of working stupid hard and not getting paid that much people want to relax have a smoke goto the pub have a drink at home go for a drive, go on holiday whatever.

The gov know this so thats why it goes up every year after all they need the extra money for all their expenses..

Wish I could have a £10000 kitchen on my expenses...

They shout about it all being about enviroment and saving the world.. But i wonder how much of this so called green tax goes into researching new forms on fuel/transport that will stop the enviromental damage... very very little i think if any at all...

eBayer invites buyers to rip him off



I got had once when I sold a few items to a seller he claimed they had never arrived.

Sadly I did not send via recorded delivery so i could not prove I had sent them.

Ever sicne I have used recorded delivery for stuff I sell on there, I just charge a litte more for postage.

Downed Salesforce systems slow Europe and US


I think

this is the first time it has gone down in the year I have been working with it.

I think thats shows how good their product is. Tho myself i think an in house system would always be better :)

N-Gage makes it into software


mobile games

I do play games now and then on my phone so I guess it wont be a bad thing and the games should be better than most other mobile games avail at the moment.

One thing why is this being reported now, it has been available on the n81 for some time now aint it?

I know i have had the demo version on my n95 since before xmas, ok this is not an online version of the software but lets you try some of the games single player.

MS bundles Vista SP1 and Server 2008 out the door



I use vista in work and at home for gaming and I think its the most stable microsoft OS yet, it has not blue screened on me once :)

In work I run 32bit and at home i run 64bit I dont have any driver issues with either :)

Games work fine and DX10 is nice ok not that much of an improvement over dx9 but still well worth it :)

Also new operating systems have bugs its just the way it is :)

Commuter jetpacks offered: $100k, August delivery


jetpack man

just look up jetpack man on youtube or somthing.. not sure if its the same company tho...

Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting


linux huh

well Anonymous Coward a lot of people like me tend to play a lot of games on their PC and as linux does not play many of the main games out today and prob never will with most of them having to use DX10 soon.

Plus another thing the Unbuntu and linux interface in general is not user freindly at all.. another thing for most things installing certain drivers and programs you need to drop down to command level .. its like going back in time, now I have no probs doing that but there is no way I can see a normal guy who does not know much about computers do it..

now that migth be the designers of the programs and drivers fault you have to drop to command level but its still a big flaw in linux thats needs to be resolved before it can become a mainstream OS liek windows.

Plus the linux interface is just plain ugly but i guess you can customize it well.

Anyway as for Vista, I also seem to have major issues with file copying liek everyone else, on soem computers I have had good results with changing the network card to half duplex but others it has made no difference at all.

Microsoft really need to get this sorted asap.

iPhone tops mobile browsing charts



I have an N95 and find it is fine to use for web browsing and has one of the best browsers out there... now i aint used an iphone as I really dont want a phone with a nice interface but is technically quite an old phone.

Dont get me wrong i really like the look of the interface is the ads i have seen, but there is no way its worth £300 then another £35-£40 a month or whatever..

Most nokia N series phones are a lot better than the iphone and a lot of other nokia phones are as well.

Brown reveals road pricing, emissions plans

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As others have said we already pay road tax and a lot of it as well.. road charges are just a way to fill their pockets even more.

If they are worried about the enviroment so much maybe they should lean on the car manufacturers to make cleaner cars, hybrids are a good start.. maybe they should make it law that a % of new cars sold have to be hybrid or similar and increase it every year.

Then in 2050 or whatever they wont have to wrry about those 22% extra cars...

Taxing people loads of money will not get them off the roads.. it dont work .. never has..

Buffy mastermind returns with new TV series



I thought firefly was awesome, sad they axed it... sci-fi are showing it agian here in the UK :)

Must be the 3rd tiem I have watched them now and its still good..

I also enjoyed buffy and angel...

not sure if i like the sound of this one.. tho i guess fox will just axe it anyway even if it does turn out to be one of the best things on TV..

ah well

need more firefly...

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks



"Jail time isn't going to effect the desired change, the fellow needs psychological counseling to determine why he felt his life and those around him were of little enough value to drive this excessively"

come on have you never driven a fast car and just got carried away with the speed, I know i have many times...

ok 172mph was excessive to say the least.. but its very easy to get carried away.

as for the driver having a jail sentance and that pedo going free... this country is going down the drain... quite soon no one will be allowed to drive and you will have to take your kid to a pedo for a weekly session...