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US Army cyber colonel in call to network arms

Dionysius Johannesburg
Paris Hilton

Memetic and... er... doubly entendric potential

"Now we're moving at cyber speed."

Oh, exploitable. So did the Colonel conclude his speech by putting on his robe and wizard hat? Har har har.

Czech Olympic Committee annihilates English language

Dionysius Johannesburg

Is this official?

Are you sure this is supposed to be an official presentation? It looks more like a blog, the domain is registered to an individual (see whois), and it doesn't even display the COC logo. There is at least one official resource, with considerably higher legibility, at http://www.olympiada.cz.mdm.etn.cz/olymp/jnp/en/home/index.html . (I personally don't like how they use the word "Czech" as a noun, but this is a highly controversial topic in its own right...)


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