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HP CEO pay for 2023 = 270,315 printer cartridges


Re: Depressing

Still like their laptops, the Elitebooks, ZBooks are pretty damn good, better than other 'business' brands in my opinion and the service is far better than most others.

Their laser printers, they went to shit up to workgroup and low enterprise levels and possibly higher but I can't really think of any other printer manufacturer that's got anything better at any comparable price points I have experience of.

Pretty sure Keysight is, as you say, nothing to do with the bit of HP that makes laptops and printers, they just share a heritage which they trade off (ICBW, I'm sure someone will correct me) but if Daniel Bogdanoff happens to read this, I'd really like a Keysight MSO for my birthday.


I get your point but I would quite a number of those stores also sell off brand or refilled cartridges and I'm willing to make a small wager the profit margin on those is considerably higher than on the genuine HP ones.


Any chance

That they'll actually pay him in ink?

European Court of Human Rights declares backdoored encryption is illegal


Re: Well good thing the UK had Brexit

Random anecdote:

I went to school with a Vietnamese 'boat person', one of the best friends I had because he was subjected to all sorts of nasty racist taunting by the same gang of thickheaded bullies who used to bully me and one or two others, he and his family moved away after a couple of years when they finally got a permanent place to live, I remember being very upset.

The 'leader' of the gang of bullies was arrested a few years ago, he was still running a gang and had a machine gun under his bed and various other firearms as well as a significant stash of cash and illegal drugs, funny old world eh...

Dumping us into ad tier of Prime Video when we paid for ad-free is 'unfair' – lawsuit


Re: *greedy* Idiots

I didn't find the home produced Netflix stuff to be bad at all, quite enjoyed some of it.

What made me cancel was the price hike, forced ads and the restriction of the 'share your password' thing they'd pushed so hard in the past which had previously made it palatable because my kids and my partner were getting good use from it as well.

When I sat back and worked it out, I was paying for at least 5 different streaming services (sometimes more when there was a new release) and finding very little that I actually *wanted* to watch, instead I was watching stuff to justify the money I'd paid to them.

I'm now streaming service free, have more spare cash and even have time to do stuff!


Re: Idiots

As much as the continued enshittification is making me cancel every streaming service subscription that tries this shit, I feel compelled to defend Amazon here, I've never had a problem getting money back from them, example, I cancelled Audible because I found little to interest me or the narration and production of the stuff that did interest me grated so badly and they refunded every unused credit, even the ones that had expired instead of rolling over.

I didn't try to get a refund on Prime when I cancelled that because I'd used it and 'broken even' on the last couple of months with delivery and a few shows/films.

I'm now free of all streaming services, £40-£50 a month better off and using a small portion of that cash to build myself a format shifted collection of films from the local charity, 2nd hand shops, freecycle and occasionally CEX, Music Magpie etc.

Tesla's Cybertruck may not be so stainless after all


Re: Why stainless steel?

Probably a good job he never managed to build that submarine he promised because you can bet it would have been carbon fibre.


Re: Cybertruck - the gift that keeps on giving...

And yet still less useful than a real wheelbarrow.

Developer's default setting created turbulence in the flight simulator


It's hard to resist punning the hell out of this, I'm wrestling with my conscience here

Return to Office mandates boost company profits? Nope


That and also the profits of the commercial property owners.

If nobody needs an office to work from then the value of office buildings goes down which is why there was so much propaganda about 'your job might as well be done by someone in India' and other such scaremongering from people in or invested in the commercial office space business.

Techie climbed a mountain only be told not to touch the kit on top


Re: Nice day for a trip to Scotland

Yeah, a regular for some of the more remote leased line connected quarries I used to support.

The conversation used to go something like:

Me: 'have BT done a line test/reset?'

Client IT: "Yes"

Me: 'Are you sure?'

Client IT: "yes, you have to go to site, take a modem"

Get to site, 3-4 hours away, call BT, 'can you do a line test/reset for me please?'

BT: "sure, hang on"

Line reconnects.

Me: 'Thanks'

Search for nearest pub with rooms.

Congress told how Chinese goons plan to incite 'societal chaos' in the US


Re: IoShite.

I've had that conversation today at work with a tech savvy user, he was trying to track down some traffic on his home WiFi and it turns out his refrigerator calls home far more regularly than you'd have any reasonable expectation.

I queried why he'd even connected it to the 'net and it seems the only way to get a service call when it stops working (which it does quite often) is to run diags on the thing over the 'net so the engineer can guess which bits to bring to fix the piece of crap.

My fridge on the other hand, hasn't needed an engineer in the 10 years I've owned it, it has a compressor, an electromechanical thermostat which doesn't need an internet connection and, about the most high tech bit, the switch that turns on the light when you open the door.

I'm baffled to what actual value IoT brings to home appliances.

Zen Internet warns customers of an impending IP address change


I miss my 62.49.16.xx address...

Ivanti releases patches for VPN zero-days, discloses two more high-severity vulns


Cue yet another name change?

Only a cynic would think they changed names so regularly to disassociate from earlier vulns.

Raspberry Pi on IPO plans: 'We want to be ready when the markets are ready'


Well that's gonna suck.

Honestly hoping and wishing that doesn't happen, I can't see how the company will remain the same if it does.

X hiring 100 content cops in bid to tame Wild West of online safety


Re: "canned for expressing the 'wrong' opinion of Xitler"

Except the Xi bit is Shi so, yeah, it's actually Shitter and Shitler






Re: But, but, but...

Not to mention the stress of living in constant fear that you might be about to be canned for expressing the 'wrong' opinion of Xitler

Techie resurrects teletext on a vintage BBC Master



I doubt that flash chips even existed when that teletext adapter was originally sold.

However, I do like the various Teletext resurrection projects and it really does give it a little extra something when it's done using period correct hardware.

The pen is mightier than the keyboard for turbocharging your noggin


I've had one particularly odious trainer tell me that if trainees need to take notes then they don't understand the training, they weren't best pleased when I suggested that the trainees wouldn't need the course if they already understood and that it was the trainer's fault if they still didn't.

I find it useful to take handwritten notes, typing distracts me from the training because I find I need to concentrate on the PC whereas I can doodle, draw lines to other thoughts, parts of the training etc.

Somehow the act of writing creates better association and asimilation of knowledge for me.

Sierra Space bursts full-scale inflatable space habitat module


I think we're about $83.3 million closer to a complete rupture than we were at the start of the week, there's certainly a lot more noxious hot air and the stench when you're near him is apparently unbearable..

Nice that there's an apologist for a rapist downvoting us for using a good old English slang word for fart.


Test Rupture Under Maximal Pressure?

Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition


Re: "Durable and rugged enough to go anywhere"

I howled laughing a few years ago when some muppet couldn't work out how to reverse his H2 Hummer out of the small cul-de-sac I live on.

It was eventually driven out by a recovery truck driver.

Can't wait to see the first Cyberdreck get stuck.



The furthest off road that fugly Wankpanzer was intended to go was the parking lot at the local Guns R 4 Tinypeens

GCHQ's NCSC warns of 'realistic possibility' AI will help state-backed malware evade detection


Gobsmacked if the security services weren' already pursuing the use of AI in offensive roles

The 'nothing-happened' Y2K bug – how the IT industry worked overtime to save world's computers


Re: Part of the problem....

In general, yes to representative samples, but we tested everything because some motherboards, whilst being visually identical and of the same make/model, had different bloody BIOS revisions and some even had different BIOS manufacturers (AMI vs Pheonix IIRC) so the only way to be sure was to check them all.

Drivers: We'll take that plain dumb car over a flashy data-spilling internet one, thanks


Re: A happy life?

Might not be a bug in 'their' code, it could be in the GPS chipset.

It can be worked around I guess but you could also make a reasonable case that its expected life was until the GPS epoch.


Re: "I hate that I don't own Microsoft Office or Photoshop. "

There's plenty of 'perpetual' licences that turned out to not quite meet my definition of perpetual when the companies got a bit stuck for cash or were bought out by the like of Autocad or Adobe..

Why do IT projects like the UK's scandal-hit Post Office Horizon end in disaster?


Re: Building software is hard...

Yeah, whilst not a fan of HS2 and quite pleased it's been canned north of Birmingham, it did strike me that the media showed massive hypocrisy with their about turn from stories of doom and nimbies crying tears of privilege because their favourite bridleway might be next to a railway to stories of doom about the north becoming some sort of Mad Max post apocalyptic wasteland because of HS2's cancellation.

Private lunar lander Peregrine mission's now measured in hours, not days


As per usual

Crypto fails to go to the moon.

NASA science bound for Moon after successful Vulcan Centaur launch


Re: How the mighty are fallen

More and more it seems William Gibson was predicting the future and Musk, Bezos etc are becoming the Tessier Ashpools


"Suffered a critical loss of propellant"


Whoever let the crypto wanker put a Bitcoin onboard so they could say 'to the moon' obviously jinxed the mission because everyone knows crypto only ever crashes

Amazon already has a colossal ads business and will extend it to Prime Video in January


One more to shitcan then

I've canned Netflix and Disney for that sort of bullshit and I've just run up Excel to work out how much I pay Amazon, they're next.


NASA makes purrrr-fect deep space transmission of cat vid


Planet earth is blue

This is ground control to Ginger Tom

UK officials caught napping ahead of 2G and 3G doomsday


Re: Millenium bug 2.0

If the old adage about they who never made a mistake never did anything is true that must mean the UK is the single most productive country on the planet.

EU launches investigation into X under Digital Services Act


Re: Ahh, I was worried for a second.

And nobody is forcing you to read what I wrote, but there you are, getting all upset and embarassing yourself because you didn't understand it.


Ahh, I was worried for a second.

But I see the usual idiots are here shilling for Musk, pushing anti-western propaganda, antivax BS and all under their delusion they're somehow freeze peach warriors

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto stolen after Ledger code poisoned


Only $610,000?

I mean, bro, have you even really been hacked if it's less that $100mil?

The old adage about a fool and his money comes to mind every time I hear about someone getting scammed, hacked, rug pulled etc. etc.

And I still don't get what they're crying about or why they think they can go to 'the authorities' because code is law which means losing the money they didn't want under gubbermint control to a bit of code that's a wallet drainer is just part of the Ponzi scam they signed up for and agreed to surely?

Hollywood plays unwitting Cameo in Kremlin plot to discredit Zelensky


Re: Merry Pranksters.

You're cheering on and making (poor) jokes about the destruction of a sovereign nation and the killing of their citizens by one of their neighbours?

Give your head a wobble you sicko

Bank's datacenter died after travelling back in time to 1970


Re: Yearly tasks....

GIven it was a Novell box and it was running on what sounds like a radio clock, Droitwich, MSF, WWV or whatever, then yeah, it was a *long* time ago.

Elon Musk's xAI wants $1B cash infusion in exchange for equity shares



Y'know, at some point, people are going to twig that good old Twittler isn't the genius his PR and lickspittles claim he is.

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


Re: more ads means more users ????????

No idea but the tab got closed almost immediately.

I've had similar with other manufacturer/vendor sites which won't allow you to enter unless you give them your postcode.

So, if I'm bored, I look up their head office address and use that postcode.


Re: Actually, I kind of agree with him

I hear there's a pillow tycoon about to launch a major ad campaign, he's just trying to tie up a lucrative joint venture with the people who make Jellied Eel flavour Brainfarce so they can make a real 'splash' in the toilet bowl formerly known as Twitter.


Re: The corner of...

Is that an African or a Eurpean Cybertruck?


Re: Delusional narcissist

"...a Yorkshire man's backside?

aka an arse, which Trump most definitely is."

Nope, An 'arse' is where a Yorkshireman lives



Re: The corner of...

About to get mown down by a fully laden semi truck called reality.


Re: more ads means more users ????????

Yup, there's a household name DIY product manufacturer in the UK who won't let you onto their site if you have an adblocker enabled.

So I bought a competitor's product instead.

Bank boss hated IT, loved the beach, was clueless about ports and politeness


Been there, done that.

Epson dot matrix printer failed after some weekend install work at a client site had been completed.

Client raised a complaint, demanded to speak to MD, gave him the hairdrier about the incompetence of his employees.

MD and I trekked out to client site.

Flicked the power switch on the side of the printer, printer sprang into life.

Brits turn off Twitter, although teens and tweens keen on generative AI



Wonder what those numbers are as percentage of userbase, that'd be a far more telling metric .

OpenCart owner turns air blue after researcher discloses serious vuln


Re: That last sentence speaks volumes, Kerr is a conspiracy nutjob:

Definitely, if your product and personality is sub-standard then it's a great way to let everyone know.