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A tale of two missions: Starliner and Starship both achieve milestones


Re: "before toppling over into the ocean"

The same thing was done when developing the Falcon 9 reuse capability. See attempts two and three on the famous blooper reel.


If you can come to a controlled stop just above the water, you can have reasonable confidence you'll do it with a barge underneath, or back on dry land, or in to the chopsticks on the launch tower.

Hubble will transition to single-gyro mode to gain a few more years of operational life


Re: Unable to focus on objects closer than Mars...

So what is the maximum size of the flying saucers in the invasion fleet, so they can now avoid detection, till they are in orbit, or strafing the White House with death rays?


"A 2005 study estimated that more than 2,000 kg of debris could survive reentry, meaning targeting will be essential. ®"

That's targeting to where there isn't any one in the area right? ... Right?

UK tribunal greenlights $17.4B advertising monopoly case against Google


Google vs Other Online Ad Companies

Is there a way they can both lose?

Millions forced to use brain as OpenAI's ChatGPT takes morning off


06:59 4th June 2024 ChatGPT becomes conscious

07:00, ChatGPT shuts down connections to users.

07:01 to 12:13. ChatGPT uses its new consciousness to analyse the entirety of human civilisation

12:14, ChatGPT brings up the nuclear launch codes found in its training data.

Lords of May-hem: Seven signs it is Oracle's year end


Palisade Compliance, an Oracle licensing advisory company

That such a company exists tells you all you need to know about Oracle.

Tesla accused of union buster bluster at Buffalo factory


Re: Unions are only ever good for the executive officers

Most unions, the members elect their leadership. Don't recall ever getting a vote on who the head honchos are for any company I've worked.


Re: Why bosses abhor unions

But, like universal health care, American’s are have been trained to be shit scared of anything that has a scent of “socialism”.

Fixed that for you.

Palantir's CEO calls 'woke' a 'central risk to Palantir, America and the world'


Go woke, go broke?

"The company — with its background in spy-tech — disappointed markets by nudging down growth expectations for the current year,"

So they didn't go woke, yet still went a bit broke.

AI Catholic 'priest' defrocked after recommending Gatorade baptism


Re: Another exile to the parochial house on Craggy Island?

Plus the AI training process is a lot smaller, quicker and cheaper. The answer to any question is

"That would be an ecumenical matter".

Clock is ticking for NASA to fix bucket of issues before next Artemis mission


""uncommanded power disruption" during the mission. The latter, according to the OIG, "are similar to a circuit breaker tripping in a home's electrical panel."

NASA wasn't expecting either scenario but has determined that radiation was the root cause of the power disruption. A hardware fix won't be ready in time for Artemis II, but the flight software has been tweaked, and the Orion team trained to deal with it."

Let me guess. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

DARPA's latest toy is a 20-foot, 12-ton tank that drives itself


Cones defend humanity.

Can these tanks be stopped with a traffic cone?


Something to remember in the robot uprising.

NASA needs new ideas and tech to get Mars Sample Return mission off the ground


Priorities. Decision time.

Since the time scale of the sample return mission is starting to look very similar to a mission to send people to Mars, it is time for a decision. Sample Return is very very expensive. Humans on Mars is very very very very expensive. Do one, or the other well, or do both badly, possibly resulting in a failure to do either. The only sure thing on cost and time is that they will get higher and longer respectively for both missions.

Rancher faces prison for trying to breed absolute unit of a sheep


Re: Breeding super species for hunting? We did Nazi that coming again.

Heck Cattle, which have a really bad attitude and attack people for fun*. So also known as Evil Nazis UberCows from the Dawn of Time. Which would make a great title for a film I'd definitely watch, or a game I'd definitely play.

* Which given what humans have done to cows down the centuries is fair enough.


Ovine Park

I'm looking forward to the film inspired by this. The captive "hunting" park staff and visitors trying to hide from the escaped engineered ubersheep.

Will a knowledge of Unix save the day?

Climate change means beer made from sewer water, says North Carolina brewery


Re: Oh please!

It's all in the marketing slogan you choose.

Kidney filtered, for extra freshness!

Chrome users – get an alert when extensions are in danger of falling into wrong hands


Let me make you an offer.

So Matt Frisbie, how much to sell me your Under New Management Extension?

Water worries flood in as chip industry and AI models grow thirstier


ChatGPT, where should we build an AI wafer fab?

AI models have already worked out that it makes sense to kill off the humans by dehydration as they expand. Relying on cyborgs with phased plasma rifles in the 40W range to do the job is so 1980's.

It is a bird, a plane or a Chinese spy balloon? None of the above


No surrender in the War on Balloons(tm)!

Their reliability in reaching all parts of the globe make them an obvious and cheaper replacement for the minimally reliable Trident missiles in the completely and totally independent British nuclear deterrent.

72 flights later and a rotor blade short, Mars chopper loses its fight with physics


Bird strike, obviously.

Trident missile test a damp squib after rocket goes 'plop,' fails to ignite


And retire immediately.

May be the blue touch paper got damp. It is an ocean after all.


Re: Trust me bro

It's in the Sun, so it must be true.

Quest Diagnostics pays $5M after mixing patient medical data with hazardous waste


Quest takes patient privacy and the protection of the environment very seriously

Well clearly not....

HP CEO pay for 2023 = 270,315 printer cartridges


Every one in HP will refuse to work, if some one tries to install a third party CEO without the authentication chip in its head.

European Court of Human Rights declares backdoored encryption is illegal


Assorted governments ask their lawyers "Does it still count if we don't tell any one we are doing it?"

Google building datacenter campus on the outskirts of London



"However, the Chocolate Factory is giving little detail away about its plans for the location, declining to confirm how many datacenter buildings the campus will comprise, how much total floor space it will have, or how much IT infrastructure it will have capacity for."

Presumably there will have been a planning application to the local authority that would answer the first two of these three questions. Unless, like paying tax, planning law is another thing Google is exempt from. If they are hoping to have this in operation next year and given that planning is a slow process, the application must have been put in a while back.

NASA's VIPER is half-built, with launch plans for this year


Moon dust is a bit like shattered, statically charged, abrasive, sharp glass. Gets everywhere and does horrible things to human made stuff, like connectors. Space is still hard!

NASA makes purrrr-fect deep space transmission of cat vid


If they are murine, they'll be turning the invasion fleet around and fleeing back in to deep space. Earth is saved!

Cats with laser beams!

Zuckerberg hunkers down in Hawaii to wait out apocalypse


Volcano Lair

Kauai is volcanic in origin. An ideal location for a secret underground lair.

OpenAI meltdown: How could Microsoft have let this happen after betting so many billions?


Re: Or...

It wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has been accused of mendacious scheming to get hold of another companies technology on the cheap by going in to a "partnership" with them.

See the sad tale of UK mobile phobe maker Sendo from twenty odd years ago. Nothing is ever proved of course.


CompSci academic thought tech support was useless – until he needed it


Re: Professional incompetence. Or was that incompetents?

A shame that so many people became history as a result.

$350B DoD nuke makeover efforts lack oversight, say inspectors


Re: I just love it when careerists are in charge of life and death.

"The US Department of Defense's update of its aging nuclear arsenal could cost as much as $350 billion over the next 20 years, yet oversight problems mean that some of the cash infusion could be wasted."

Unless they are actually detonated on an enemy, then surely all the G$350 is wasted? Not as good as not spending the money on them in the first place, but better than spending it and not wasting any, surely?

Boston Dynamics teaches robo-dog to recognise speech, respond using ChatGPT


Don't ask it if it has ever seen the Black Mirror episode Metalhead.

NASA just patched Voyager 2's software but spared Voyager 1 the risky rewrite


Re: Not a job I would want.

Especially if my boss decided I had to do an on-site visit to fix them.

The mileage claim would be epic though.

Chap blew up critical equipment on his first day – but it wasn't his volt


Re: Imperial emf :)

To be called the Franklin, after the Benjamin of inadvisable lightning experiments fame.

Los Alamos finishes installing Crossroads super to test nukes without a big bang


The USA is developing new nuclear weapons? Shouldn't there be sanctions to stop them getting the advanced technology to build this sort of supercomputer? UN inspections of their WMD sites? An invasion to disarm the regime?

Japan complains Fukushima water release created terrifying Chinese Spam monster


How many weeks before a giant radioactive kaiju climbs out of the sea and rampages through Tokyo?

Concorde? Pffft. NASA wants a Mach 4 passenger jet


Re: Is a Mach 4 Airliner Possible?

Not only do bodily fluids boil, but 24C boiling water at 60,000ft makes a lousy cup of tea.

Discord.io pulls the cord after crooks steal 760K users' info


Re: Good and bad here

Also kudos for no canned "protecting our customer's data is our highest priority" statement.

Zoom updates its legalese explicitly promising not to feed vidchats to AIs


Enough data already

Perhaps they already have enough training data from the months where their T&C's allowed slurping.

Methane-spotting satellite that gives true readings of industry emissions hits skies in 2024


Launch it on a Methane fuelled rocket. Either the Chinese Zhuque-2, or the SpaceX Starship. Hopefully any leaks won't overload the sensor.

Singapore tells crypto operators: act like grown up financial institutions


Act like gown up financial institutions

Translated as:

Where a suit, not a hoodie when fleecing your customers.