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Sony profits down, but PS3 sales up


Sale of Consoles

Historically every console is sold for a loss. The way companies make money is by the licensing fees for each game.

Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube


@ Zohar Lee

Youtube is not public property so they can censor whatever they want to on their site.

Judge issues arrest warrant for Darth Vader


Ouch ouch ouch

I think I just ruptured an intestine from laughing for the past half hour.

Of laptops and US border searches


@ Anonymous

<Quote> As with the early Soviet Union, as with pre-WW II Germany, many of us who can no longer countenance what is being done to us and to others, in our name, have left our homeland with the hope of returning one day, but with no presently reasonable expectation of ever doing so.</Quote)

Clearly I don't know every aspect of your life or your family's lives but it seems to me that if you want change in the USA you should participate in that fight in your home land. Leaders and soliders don't accomplish much with overseas telephone calls. If you are truely being harassed and have proof then fight the good fight. You'll have to sacrafice to make your children's children's lives better.

Nutt'n but love for ya baby.



Those who wish to harm can and will.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

- Benjamin Franklin ?

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks


@ John Benson

It's not often that I agree with the direction the media takes our popular culture but I seriously doubt that Hollywood is "manufacturing predators." These types of false accusations only hinder the true understanding of problems and their solutions. The type of behavior that we are discussing is closer to spousel abuse, eating disorders, and self-mutilation. These disorders are caused by a combination of traumatic, physical and or mental, experiences and physiology. Rarely does one factor produce such unacceptable social behavior.

IE: Doom2 did not cause the shootings at Columbine, HS.

Besides, everyone knows it's Alien anal probing that creates paedophiles and other sexual deviants.

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

IT Angle

Mandatory Possession

In the city that my Mother lives in, Kennesaw, GA, it is mandatory for every house hold head to own a fire arm complete with ammunition. After this law was introduced breaking and entering dropped about 89%.

People supporting gun restriction will sight that the same result occurred when The Village of Morton Grove, IL made it illegal to possess or transport hand guns. This was only hand guns though so rifles and shotguns still remain.

Ridding citizens of their guns is not the solution in reducing crime. People seem to love the thought that if you change a single factor in a complicated senario composed of multiple factors then you will end up with the desired result. Everyone really knows it's the video games that are increasing dangerous and violent behavior in the world. Look at what Doom2 did to those poor Trench coat Mafia boys in Colorado.

If you really give a rat's ass about what happened to the numb nuts in the story then mandatory gun safety classes in school is the answer to prevent accidental shootings. I'm not sure that, considering how few accidental shootings there are in the U.S., it would be worth the tax payers' money in establishing such an expensive program.

Taser touts MP3 player that's a real shock to the system


Depths of Insanity

Bemi, this is by far one of the most ridiculous self defense devices I've ever seen for obvious reasons but your comments about a criminal's "misunderstood (or at worst, inappropriate) action." is just as bad and because you quote the word "innocent" implies that these people are the cause of other people's poor decisions and bad behavior.

Although we can and should study the causes of increased violent behavior to reduce it doesn't mean that doing so will eliminated it. There will always be people (also known as the "have nots") that will lie, cheat, steal, and murder because of their inability to compete in this world regardless of the social class in which they were raised. So there will always be a need for self defense. What are your recommendations?

US colon cancer risk blamed on English couple


Hedged bets?

I can just picture first dates of the future starting with an exchange of lists containing history of family disease.

"I'm sorry Bob; you seem like a really nice guy and I'm willing to accept that my family's history of pancreatic cancer cancels your family's history of kidney failure but your gene's likely hood of producing prostate cancer is a deal breaker."

Lindsay Lohan crowned 2007's worst actress

Thumb Up

Luck of the draw

Of the few movies I saw this year only one was worth my time and money.

I recommend everyone go to see/Rent "No Country for Old Men." The Cohen brothers seem to have mastered yet another genre.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet rolls off production line


Research is key to argument

Below is a good place to start.


Wii tops online search poll

Paris Hilton

@ Anonymous

I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic but the Wii is fantastic and everyone I've introduced the system to love it whether they are video game fans or not. I'm sure I have a few illegitimate children running around from women consistantly being lured in by the Wii.

Nintendo limbers up for Wii Fit


The twist

This white boy is going to purchase one just to learn how to dance.

Chuck Norris to do battle in El Reg Arena of Death


Chuck was the real deal.

He has intentionally hurt people in the ring. Daniel, Chuck's record, I believe, was 65 and 5. He's actually one of the most decorated Western fighters in the world. I don't actually think he's one of the badest mofo's around but the jokes are quite funny.