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Texan construction workers put a rocket up Team SpaceX over 'unpaid bills'


Yeah, sure, that is how they get rich.


This MoFo is everyday looking more and more to the Orange Clown, but with a brain. Terrifying.

Norway's sovereign wealth fund aims to zap Musk's monster Tesla pay deal


Re: Norway better prepare itself.....

Tesla is the the best selling car in Norway. If Teslas don't work well in this climate, then the others are no better. Most others are still in the age of using inefficient heat cores (looking at you Ford Mach-E); Teslas use a pretty advanced heat pump system with a variable refrigerant flow distribution system (Octovalve).

Apple's had it with Epic's app store shenanigans, terminates dev account



Shenanigans? The "shenanigans" come from Apple and their money grabbing ways. They want to bleed to death every company in order to be granted access to their POS platforms. Good thing Europe is not a corporate run state and will not vow to this BS. This will not end well for Apple. On a side note: who wants to game on an Apple device?? They are not good at all for gaming. Oh that's right, they are Genius and Magical.

Apple Vision Pro is creating a new generation of glassholes


Put them in a locker.

I don't condone bullying, but these glassholes deserve a beating, an atomic wedgy, a toilet water shampooing session (with their stupid glasses on) and a short stay in the nearest Locker Inn location. I see those videos of some of those virgin morons waking around, moving their arms, walking proud and tall pretending to be the way of the future. To make things worse, they all do it pretending that all this is normal. I just simply can't contain my contempt for them. wtf?

Tesla owners in deep freeze discover the cold, hard truth about EVs


Wow! No way! You serious?

Let me guess, in one year from now we are going to see the same report as "breaking news". I read these "reports" every winter, like electric cars were invented last month and now we are getting to know them. No wonder people hate the media in general. just clickbait.

Mozilla slams Microsoft for using dark patterns to drive Windows users toward Edge


They can try all they want. I have not used Chrome, Safari or Edge in over a long time. Using Brave and have not seen a commercial or ad for as far as I can remember. F those companies.

Bosses face losing 'key' workers after forcing a return to office


I Will Not See You Monday

I am currently working hybrid and it better stays that way. If they try to force me back into the office, my response will be to walk backwards towards the elevator, giving my middle finger salute (goodbye?), while saying proudly and loudly saying: "I WILL NOT SEE YOU MONDAY!" (I work Mon & Tue). Yes, just like Stewie Griffin. Control freaks in mgmt can enjoy all by themselves their shower-fest of moronic corporate lingo and in person "organic generation of ideas" because I will not be there.