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Russian rides Phantom to OS immortality

John Utz
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It's just fucking smalltalk rehashed

google for 'smalltalk' and 'squeak' and gain illumination

it's a great idea that the world is finally prepared for (which it wasnt in 1983)

SanDisk flashes notebook flash

John Utz

120G is a reasonable macbook upgrade

The Toshiba 5400 RPM 80G in my late 2006 whitebook is underwhelming.

2G Core 2 Duo is no slouch, and i put 4G of ram in it for us$60 (yes, i know i can only use 3.2G of it).

given that AlBooks dont have firewire, i wont be upgrading to them *ever* so i will want to eek as much improvement as i can out of my whitebook.

this seems optimal

Oz nanoboffins punt paper-thin flak jacket plan

John Utz

Bounces to fucking where?

So, there's the combatant disruption associated with momentum transfer involved in absolutely revectoring a high speed mass, and then there is the question of where it will get revectored!

Upon impact, the bullet will bounce in a different direction just as quickly as it came in.

Imagine the possibilities!

In a MOUT situation, one could then take a shot at any portion of the vest visible to the shooter and then 'bank on' (poor pun) the slug(s) going off into some other portion of the room.

Pump a few rounds into that vest and shit will be flying in all directions in the room until it finally comes to rest inside something soft and squishy.

Awesome! What an amazing improvement in combatant survivability.

Provided that you convince the enemy to wear them...

Apple TV 160GB media player

John Utz

Wii opera broswer works great for youtube

I find that i have no troublewatching youtube content on the wii by way of opera

MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires

John Utz

posessing electronics is not a crime!

i strongly urge those of you that consider the arrest of star simpson to be legitmate to consider the following things.

Mossad used to make some highly effective and stealthy cell phone bombs that they used with great effect.

people carry these and other larger electronics items into airports all of the time and none of them get arrested.

many people have accomplishments that they are very proud of. sometimes they like to share them with loved ones.

I am an electrical engineering graduate and i took my first ever working circuit home to show my wife and child and they did not have me arrested.

I am completely certain that many people who are characterizing the arrest of star simpson as legitimate behavior have:

1. been proud of their technological accomplishments and choose to display their pride by wearing a tux shirt or something that says MSCE on it.

2. purchased and wore those goofy led id badges that where popular at nerd conventions. perhaps you had your name programmed into it or you had it programmed to say 'i heart star trek' or something.

3. carried cell phones and laptops and other electronic items into airports while wearing your nerd shirt.

the only differnce between u guys and her is that she made her OWN nerd gear herself and you guys PAID for yours.

you where not arrested. she was. the fact that she was arrested is a huge mistake and she should be apologized to and compensated for her trouble.

Now lets talk about the REAL PROBLEM: Lack of Law enforcement training. An 8 hour tutorial on recognizing electronics would have vastly lowered the possibility of this mistake *and* the aquateen hunger force fiasco.

Please do something constructive with this! Please urge your local public safety profesionals to work with your local electronics education professionals to create a 1 day electronics seminar combined with some IED recognition training.

If you take a few minutes to do this, you wil make ALL OF US SAFER!

tnx for reading!



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